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How to equip the room for the first grader?

Only yesterday you taught the kids to go, and in several days they a vigorous pace will go to new life - will become first graders. The most remarkable years of the life - from the first copy-book to the first love - they will spend in school. The second party of this medal are the difficult program, big physical and emotional activities. Therefore it is very important to arrange the first grader`s life so that he could be engaged quietly and fully have a rest.

It is good when the child has a certain room, it is even better if except the room for a dream and games there is still a certain place for occupations. Offices where parents work are provided in some families. Usually they are combined with library and therefore the atmosphere of offices will adjust the little man for serious work. It will be simpler to it to distract from the games and toys. It will only be necessary to equip for it a separate workplace.

In a case when the workplace is arranged in the nursery, it is important to mean how many children live in this room. If berths more than one, then it is necessary to zone room space so that the workplace of the pupil was fenced off from the general space and a sleeping zone. It will allow other children not to distract the first grader from performance of house occupations and to have a rest quietly if the pupil sits up behind lessons late.

the Choice of a desk

the Choice of desks is very big

now: from plastic, bright models which can be adjusted on height, to solid models from the massif of valuable breeds. It will be convenient to small child to sit at a table 45-48 cm high, but in 5-7 years it will be needs a full-fledged table 60 cm high

If in a family one child and a small table - the transformer could not be descended, then it is better to give preference to an adult table at once. At the same time it will be necessary to solve a problem by means of right selection of a chair and a support for legs. This main thing for formation of a correct posture at the child. It is necessary for the child sitting at a table that legs stood on a floor and did not rest against a table cover, the table-top was at the level of a breast, and elbows quietly lie on a table.

Depth of a table has to be about 60 cm and 100-120 cm long - in the presence of an occasional seat for the computer, and up to 160 cm long - if on a table there is also an equipment.

Lighting of the room

the Place for a table needs to be chosen as

so that light fell on the left side. It is possible to put it to a window, but considering that the small child cannot concentrate on tasks on the long period of time yet, all events behind a window will strongly distract it.

It is necessary to equip the room with additional lighting. If was rather ceiling light and a night lamp earlier, then now it is worth providing additional illumination of a workplace and the lamp over a bed. That the child could esteem before going to bed.