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What will lead 128 blows of heart a minute to?


“128 blows of heart a minute“ (We Are Your Friends) of the USA, France

Genre: The drama, Music

the Leading role in the drama was played by Zac Efron, a star of the Cool Musical project. The beginning director Max Joseph directed shootings of a picture. Action of the movie is developed in Hollywood where all talented, ambitious and persistent people gather. They know that the most suitable place to become a show star - business is the Hollywood valley. Here you it is obligatory - or will notice, or not. There are no other options. Another matter as you will clamber to the success or failure. Whether useful acquaintances, changes, karmichesksya communication with space, thin fibers of soul &ndash will be put on use; personal record karabkivayushchegosya. Twenty-three-year-old DJ Cole we will gain idea to create a track which has to subdue people, surprise the world and not resemble one nowadays created. Its track has to turn out soul and consist not only of music, but also of heart beat, breath of wind and pulse of the planet. The task is ambitious, but Cole - person - ambition. To his heart it is close in seventy beats per minute. It disperses much quicker, but the necessary rhythm - hundred twenty eight - it is not found yet. Cole has enough charisma and an uportstvo. But from where to take such track which does not exist yet. All notes are already called, all melodies are written down and it is almost impossible to surprise public. It is clear, that an exit in another dimension is necessary, differently it will not be possible to cause a stir from other disco creations. Not without reason in this field the highly professional and supertalented DJs exhausting hearts of people far for hundred twenty eight beats per minute broke ambitions. It is no secret that except music, psychotracks, alcohol, romanticism, sex and the mad dancing drive help to disperse to heart. People go on a lot of things, for the sake of sensation.

Having brought together friends, Cole moves closer to “factory of dreams“ where he continues to be engaged in creativity. It meets more skilled and prozhenny DJ James who is ready to teach the beginner to the secrets. James offers Cole otvlekachsya from mechanical work at the computer and to listen to the world filled with the hidden melodies and new meanings. “Sounds have a soul“, - he says. Soon Cole falls in love with Sofie, James`s girl, and he should choose between love, friendship, conscience and all the rest that arises in a love triangle. Choice - heavy category. But shocks help to become tempered soul and to bare nerves. Cole managed to pull out sounds from air and the atmosphere. It found the melody soaring absolutely nearby where - that in the lower layers of space.

The movie takes the breath away, shows ambiguous moments of life of the creative person. Also drives the viewer`s heart into hundred twenty eight blows. Hundred twenty eight beats per minute of small heart in which all planet holds.

Screenwriters: Max Joseph, Migan Oppenkhaymer

Rezhisser: Max Joseph

In roles - Emily Ratazhkovski, Zac Efron, Diana Prinze, Johnny Weston, John Berntal, Wes Bentley, Shaylo Fernandez, Vanessa Lengiz...

Premiere (world) - August 27, 2015