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How to see harm of sweet drinks?

Who does not know that the lemonades oversaturated by sugar to impossibility, stakes, soda and other drinks damage health? All know, but when business reaches practice, the type of the cool, foaming and sparkling in beams bright hot sun of drink pushes our knowledge the background. They, to our knowledge, lack visualization, the artist from New Zealand Henry Hargreaves (Henry Hargreaves) solved, and got down to business.

Having heard that professional physicians calls carbonated drinks cigarettes of our generation, Hargreaves tried to find a way of visual representation of the harm done by drinks to health. To win against the enemy, it is necessary to see his face.

Sugar from carbonated drinks as if the kept dark saboteur. It is not visible, but at the most inappropriate moment he strikes direct and powerful shot. Among “successful operations“ of this master of dirty deeds obesity, diabetes and is cardiac - vascular diseases. As showed 22 - summer research, one jar of sweet drink a day increases risk of fatal heart attack by 20%.

As Henry Hargreaves told, personally he managed to avoid a craze aerated water. At teenage age it, of course, tried some of them, but all of them on its taste were too sweet.

Hargreaves mentally presented a heap of sugar which is filled up in drink that caused idea in his consciousness. The artist decided to show to public as drink turns back into sugar after water evaporation.

Its art experiment on forces to any of us. To evaporate water from any sweet drink not so difficult. After a vykipaniye at the bottom of a frying pan there is a viscous syrup, the melted sugar mixed with dyes - ideal raw materials for lollipops.

Such visual form of submission of the harmful contents of drinks was chosen by Hargreaves. “I thought that lollipops are ideally suited because on me all this, than soft drink is, it is some kind of lollipop dressed as aerated water, a lollipop grade for adults“, - the author of installation told.

The artist did not adhere to any scientific theory, and used various drinks which can be met in any usual shop. As a result at it lollipops different in color, the sizes and a look turned out.

What at it left was surprise for Hargreaves. Having evaporated liquid from drink of one popular brand, the master received 77 grams of sugar. “Sugar appeared much more, than I thought. So there is a lot of that my forms which I made for lollipops turned out all crowded, - the artist shared the impressions. - You look at them, and it looks no more appetizingly, than manure“. According to the master even more disgusting things turn out if to dissolve lollipops in water that they became drinks again.

Coca was the strangest material for art transformation. After evaporation of the majority of drinks Hargreaves received, as a rule, usual dense syrup, ready initial material for filling of lollipops. But Coca turned into the real volcanic lava with strange structure. “Lava“ foamed and bubbled to cope in it the artist needed three attempts.

Remember Hargreaves`s lollipops, choosing aerated water in shop!