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Why the lunar village is necessary?

Last time people visited the Moon in 1972. In 2006 NASA announced intentions to continue researches, and to send to the satellite of Earth of several-week missions of the American astronauts, but, unfortunately, in the budget there was no “excess“ money. Nevertheless, the Moon did not cease to interest scientists. The new CEO of the European Space Agency (ESA) professor Johann - Dietrich Verner told about the plans for its development (to Johann - Dietrich Woerner).

Doctor Verner suggested surprisingly courageous and ambitious project - to build the real city on the Moon. “We have to look forward further the International space station, - Verner BBC reported. - I suggest to build the lunar village on the distant party of the Moon“.

Professor Verner explained that his idea not in building several lodges with church and a town hall, but to create object of the international partnership for performance of research missions.

Speaking about partnership, the head of the ESA especially insists on his wide international character. “We need to organize the international cooperation without any restrictions with all countries of the world, - emphasizes g - N Verner. - We have enough problems on Earth between various people, space can overcome these terrestrial problems, and the Moon will become for this purpose the good offer“.

On the Moon it would be possible “to roll“ the technologies necessary for further advance of people of Earth in space. For example, in plans of NASA building of base on Mars with use huge 3D - the printer. But the task will considerably be facilitated if previously to test technology on the Moon to which from Earth “only“ 4 days of traveling, but not six months, as to Mars.

Space researches are actually interesting not only the scientist who as can seem, conduct researches for the sake of researches. Today say about greenhouse effect much what the phenomenon is it is known literally to all. But very few people remember that for the first time greenhouse effect was found on Venus. “Experience shows that there is no wall between investigation and practical applications“, - the g - N Verner is sure.

Perhaps, resources of the Moon will be attractive to the terrestrial industry. The rare-earth metals found there, helium - 3 and fragments of asteroids can quite find commercial application though taking into account development of transport technologies it is difficult to assume that in the near foreseeable future lunar resources will be able to make profit.

At last - visits of the Moon. “Our work is in advancing development, science and researches, but I am sure, tourism will follow investigation“, - professor Verner says.

Space tourists are ready to go to the huge expense already today “to sweep“ into an orbit. The moon can give to these people new tremendous opportunities. At least one of them: “A magnificent unusual view of the rotating Earth which four times more Moon will look more than 50 times more brightly“, - the director of the international working group of the ESA of research of the Moon Bernard Foing (Bernard Foing) believes.

Today lunar village only idea. Any nation, any space agency did not allocate funds for it, and even approximately did not plan the concept of researches. However many experts consider the Moon as the most probable object of application of research efforts in the next decade.