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To dare to be the woman … How it?

the Female nature so difficult that even we, women, sometimes forget about the one who we are are actually and how to handle the body, soul and a nature in general. And then we are surprised: why men now not those? Why we are not carried on hands, do not look after, do not treat us, how princesses? All because we do not dare to be women. It is not difficult at all … Now difficultly to present it to

, but the real lady will never dare to use foul language. And though sometimes and there is a wish to tell a strong mot, it is deeply better to sigh, count mentally to ten and then with all advantage to declare to the opponent: “Dear, you are not right!“ Let so already not fashionably, boringly or ridiculously from outside - it is not important. It is important that the light image of the woman will not be saddened by foul language for which in the childhood the grandmother forced to wash a mouth with soap.

And here to cry to itself, on the contrary, it is better to allow. It is possible and is necessary (sometimes). Because from what it is suddenly the crying woman - surely a roar - a cow (in the childhood) or the hysteric woman (in the present)? Tears is a female way to express the feelings, to convey to the man information that to it it is bad, sick or heavy that it is not right or went too far during a showdown. Now many women hesitate, do not dare to cry. Want to seem strong and sure, not giving vent to emotions. You remember how Novoseltsev in “Office romance“ when his chief whom all considered as the stupid person shed a tear became puzzled?. And it is so natural to the woman - to cry … the Woman - a weak, vulnerable and sensitive being. Besides, you will cry - and it becomes easier: let not in the solution of a concrete situation which caused tears, but at least - in soul.

The real woman will never keep silent … And with girlfriends by phone or with mother in kitchen we can stir that for hours and how to tell the man about the desires or not contents - then a silent small fish. And he will also not think once again to indulge with florets, to write warm SMS - ku or to buy some yum-yum on the way home. Is in the list - bread, milk, macaroni, will bring. And would like a cake or - would write a chocolate.

To dare to be the woman is to forget about the burning log huts and to allow to warm up hoofs to horses. Well really, not women this stuff - to save the world. All is good to be able, of course, but God forbid to do everything by! To dare to be the woman - it means to allow the man (or to men) near itself to stay gentlemen, super - heroes and knights. Let open a door, offer a hand, bear a handbag, packages of purchases, transfer through a pool, help to put on a coat, to change oil in the car, to stop a horse (in case the car in service) or to extinguish a log hut,

which began to sparkle from a surplus of feelings … to Dare to be the woman is to remember that the woman has no days off. Mother can have a day off (to bring the child to the grandmother), at the wife - too (if the husband in business trip, for example, or went to night fishing with friends). And at the woman of days off cannot be! Dirty hair, not well-groomed skin or the broken-off nails with agnails is bad manners. Also it is not necessary to calm itself that there is no husband or colleagues now nearby - it is possible to relax. And here to his arrival or to appearance at work I will make toilet. The woman has to look after herself, first of all, for herself. To cultivate the feminity, to support beauty. To do a hair, to use spirits and to carry beautiful linen every day, but not in a special case. When the woman is well-groomed, she feels in a different way. At it especially eyes burn, and it should be noticed.

To dare to be the woman is not to pursue fashion, diets or glossy formats of happiness … It just to be happy and every day to thank god for the fact that you are the woman! .