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What are antioxidants dangerous by?

of Parfyumerno - the cosmetic industry in all advances products rich with antioxidants in masses, advertizing their unsurpassed abilities to rejuvenate skin and to smooth wrinkles. But new research found out that actually antioxidants are harmful, at least - for young people.

A merit of antioxidants as believed still, that they neutralize free radicals, protecting cages from damages. However the American scientists found out that free radicals are necessary for young people. Processes of regeneration of skin suffer from their absence.

Observing mice whose organisms made surplus of free radicals, researchers expected that they will see the accelerated aging. But instead leather of animals improved, at least at young individuals whose age did not exceed a mouse equivalent of 50 human years. Having analysed results of supervision, scientists came to a conclusion that free radicals are actually useful, but are not harmful.

According to professor Judith Kampisi (Judith Campisi) from the American “Institute of research of aging of Buck“ research showed (Buck Institute for Research on Aging), how important studying mechanisms of aging to consider all stages of life of people. “In this case we found unexpected effects. Mechanisms which bring us benefit so far we are young, cause problems in process of aging“, - professor Kampisi reported.

Researchers note that the unlimited use of products and preparations with the high level of antioxidants to which, among others, the beta - carotene, vitamins C and E belongs can have destructive consequences for skin of young people as free radicals are necessary for it for maintenance of processes of regeneration.

Free radicals are the unstable chemical particles possessing unpaired electrons. Seeking to fill a shortcoming, they “steal“ electrons from atoms of cages, oxidizing them and causing activity violations. Antioxidants “endow“ the electrons to free radicals, than prevent their negative impact on cages.

Free radicals are formed in a human body as a by-product of a normal metabolism, but can get to an organism and from an external source. For example, from a tobacco smoke, toxins and other pollutants of environment.

Physicians and cosmetologists recommend to use food and cosmetics with the increased content of the antioxidants capable to resist to “aggression“ of free radicals for a long time.

But became clear now that this theory works only at advanced age. As it appeared, the oxidizing stress caused by free radicals in epidermis slows down regeneration of fabrics at elderly mice, but stimulates healing of wounds at young people.

That antioxidants not panacea were declared not so long ago by one of pioneers of structure of DNA Nobel Prize laureate doctor James Watson (James Watson). In his opinion antioxidants are harmful to people with a late stage of cancer as free radicals help to clear an organism of dangerous cages while antioxidants block useful influences.

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