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Parental improvisations or How to operate behavior of the active child by means of games and small cunnings? (P. 2).


Began see in the article How to operate behavior of the child by means of games and small cunnings? (P.1.) .

Difficult situations with children - one million cases which need to be solved correctly at once, at the moment when they arose. And here ability of parents to practical improvisations on the basis of the got theoretical experience is important.

III. You need to make so that children, long communicating, did not irritate each other.

the Similar situation of mutual quarrels and offenses, with each other often happens to children`s aggression of brothers and sisters not only in large families, but also in kindergartens, at school, and also when friends and girlfriends of your children gather in the house a small group. Therefore experience of the children`s communications described in our article can it is useful not only to parents, but also tutors and teachers.

1. With the purpose to avoid the constant children`s complaints and tears caused approximately by such situations as She (he) calls me small or She (he) will never leave me alone play the game Fairyland . Organize together with children such place in the room where all children will be on an equal footing and to conform to the rules which are not discussed by them: to listen to each other, not to be pushed, not to fight, not to be pinched, not to select each other toys, etc. The main thing governed this Magic territory - world peace and goodwill in everything! If the child does not conform to these rules of the Fairyland, he will be separated from game with other children before correction of the behavior.

2. Disaccustom from the first your child constantly to complain of other children, having explained to him that he has to bring order to this situation, tell the companion who annoys it that it is unpleasant to it to be near the one who pinches it or bites.

3. In order to avoid fights for toys, arrange the best of them in the Fairyland.

4. Also at each kid in a family has to be the secluded corner in the house where, at desire, the child can be alone and have a rest from society of brothers, sisters and friends. It place in the house has to be only it and be only at its disposal.

5. If quarrels all - periodically arise, puzzle your children with housework in which each of them has to bring the contribution. Joint work, as we know, unites and improves!

6. One more game which children should play to understand - what it - to be other person and as his irritating relation influences behavior of others - is called To Trade places . If it is possible, change clothes of children for clothes of each other, let each of them will present that it brother or sister give them several tasks which they have to execute as other person. It is forbidden to laugh one above another in game! Let during this role-playing game each of them will understand how it is difficult to be his brother (sister) .

IV. You need to motivate the superactive child to sit quietly some time (for example, in line to the doctor).

As psychologists note, very small children can keep attention on something one no more than 15 minutes. If after this time not to occupy them with something another, they will begin to show concern and the increased mobility. And if the occupation offered adults is not pleasant to them at all, they especially will not begin to sit quietly in one place.

1. To cope with such natural feature of small children, providently take with yourself in turn (if you assume that it will be in that place where you go together with the child) colored pencils (or felt-tip pens), a notebook (album) that for some time to occupy your child. It is possible to take with itself the video player and to deliver to it cinema.

2. In turn it is also possible to play with the child the game Statue (as game « option; Stand ). To think out different heroes that the child could stand and stay as a statue in the image of this or that character of the fairy tale or the movie. It develops the imagination, corporal flexibility and mind of the child so yours sitting in turn will not be for it and for you waste of time.

When the child will move, praise it, and then suggest to break own record for a while, having staid in the same pose much longer, than for the first time.

(to be continued).