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What has to be the modern head?

Concept “management“ arose together with people. Where two subjects try to come to the uniform decision, coordination of their actions is surely necessary. For the successful organization of labor process the working collective needs the competent managing director. What lines are included by a psychological portrait of the modern head? By what criteria success and professionalism of members of the operating device is estimated?

Merits of the head promote establishment of confidential contact with subordinates, creation of favorable psychological climate in collective and the organization of effective labor process.

What socially - psychological qualities create a portrait of the modern head:

feeling of empathy;

skill to communicate;


resistance to stress;

initiative. the Feeling of empathy is shown by

in ability to empathy, sympathy, ability to put itself to the place of other person. It is one of the main qualities of the head. Thanks to ability to hear the subordinates, the head will be able always to find contact with each of them. Life is so unpredictable that the modern manager should be ready to show humanity and understanding in the most different household disorders. It will create the atmosphere of warmth, trust and safety in collective.

Skill to communicate allows to come quickly into various contacts with people, to find a common language, messages of discussion and just to adjust free communication with higher and subordinate heads and subordinates. The chief has to convey in an available form information to listening, be able to make quickly the decision in a difficult situation, using methods of suggestion and belief.

Responsibility means understanding and execution of the duties before collective. It is a guarantee of safety and psychological comfort of all participants of labor process. In society where the chief neglects the duties, avoids their execution, the disorder, mistrust and discontent of employees reigns.

Resistance to stress is understood as ability to resist to struggles of life, disorders at work and in private life. The successful and competent head should not break on subordinates for failures in love affairs or quarrel with a family from - for failure of important contracts at work. It is important to managing director to understand the stress nature, to independently solve all arisen problems if it is impossible, to address the expert. Cases of emergence of stresses in connection with failure on service, inability to organize work of collective or constant fear of the higher administration are frequent. To minimize these factors, it is necessary to complete courses of training of heads, to work individually with kouchy or the psychotherapist.

Initiative - the business card of the modern head. Being an expert in the business, improving skill and introducing innovations in working process, it is possible to achieve great success in a labor field. Initiative managers are highly appreciated in the large companies, besides, they are interesting to personnel employees. The organization of various competitions and exhibitions, improvement of working process and development to no - Hau in the area perfectly pull together collective and influence establishment of friendly relations.