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How it is correct to go to a hairdressing salon and whether it is worth following these rules?

what earlier our mothers and grandmothers called signs, and we from it contemptuously waved away, suddenly took absolutely other shape! In what corner in the room to put a bed what color there have to be walls in kitchen on what handle to the kid to tie a thread and there has to be it woolen or silk whether on Tuesday or Wednesday all this is very important to go to the hairdresser and the Moon, full this day, -!

We will consider specifically a visit of hairdresser`s salon what to us will be advised by popular wisdom in this plan?

- It is impossible to go to the unfamiliar master at all. Very imprudently and it is even dangerous to trust the hair to the stranger, he can irreparably spoil your aura.

- The sex of the hairdresser is very important. It is extremely desirable that the master was a woman if you the lady and vice versa. It appears, biofields of the master and the client of different floors begin to clash in the course of a hairstyle.

- The more an age difference between you and that who does to you a hair the worse, it if the master is more senior than you. The most optimal variant - you and the hairdresser of one age.

- It is impossible to cut hair at all if the Moon not full! Only if you made a hairstyle under absolutely full Moon, hair will quicker grow and will become a thick and it is healthier.

- Pregnant women cannot cut hair. The hairstyle in this responsible and important both for mother, and for future kid, will weaken their biofield, can cause premature birth and serious illnesses of the baby.

- During lunar and solar eclipses all processes on Earth powers of darkness therefore the way to a hairdressing salon is strictly forbidden us operate.

- Days of week are important for visit of salon too. The most favorable, according to experts of the highest forces - Friday, this day all bad karma will disappear together with scraps of your hair.

And now we will look at it on the other hand, it is concrete - as the author of this article adhered (or not) these rules and as it affected her hair.

- I changed the residence, and my hairdresser (here the meanie!) refuses to leave Moscow! To me to sit unkempt, unbarbered now, or to risk and go in the new city to the unknown hairdresser who is very much recommended by the way by new neighbors?

- And here my mother of years 20 went only to the man. And with the sister drove me there. I, unfortunately, Mishin cannot visit salon any more (left Moscow), and here the sister is still faithful only to it.

- Mischa mentioned above was much younger than my mother, and nothing, managed And now I go to Athena who of course looks great and young, but is much more senior than me.

- Oh if all stars of show - business paid attention on full (or not) the Moon, I think, the number of fashionable displays, concerts and the shot movies sharply was reduced!

- And I, on the contrary, when she was pregnant, went to a hairdressing salon more often! There was a wish to compensate at least by an ideal hairdress a shapeless figure and baggy sundresses. And in China for example it is necessary to run on national signs at once to the hairdresser as soon as you learn about pregnancy! It is necessary as soon as possible as the Chinese traditional medicine says, to cut off with tips of hair all bad and with pure aura to bear the child.

- For me ideal day of visit of a hairdressing salon - Wednesday! It because on Friday and Saturday in salon at Athena not to force the way, and on Tuesday (after her output Monday) too to the people is a lot of. And on Sunday at me put except a hairdressing salon in bulk.

I look at myself in a mirror and I think: can, I observed some other signs about which I just do not know? And therefore I in my nearly forty have no gray-haired hair, hair dense and brilliant? Or perhaps it is not these signs, and in our installation for luck? If there is a belief in soul that I can build happy life, then any woman with an empty bucket (though every day let to me meets!) will not spoil to me mood!