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To see Paris and to die

to See Paris and to die. And if you live in this Paris? What then? It appears, people have a dream to visit Paris, London, in New - York and other remarkable cities. And you live here, and you have no dream. At least, such dream. You get up in the morning on Monday or on Tuesday, can be on Wednesday; also you go to work. You go across Paris to work and you do not notice that you in Paris. Perhaps, you even hate it; not because it is the bad city, and just early morning, a bad breakfast and unloved work. On whom to splash out the hatred? On passersby, on bad weather, on a can which was not cleaned in any way; generally on the city. In this city you live with the childhood and you know that Paris the beautiful city, comes many tourists here, you are even proud of it. But it is just the city and anything else for what it is possible to die here. Paris not your dream.

A what dream at you? To go to Moscow, Kiev or to some Beijing. Yes it is beautiful there, but it is not the city - dream. For example, about Moscow do not speak: “To see Moscow and to die“. And you can go there. But somehow not that. Some very material dream. Yes at all not dream - bought the ticket and went, has a rest, it admired, photographed, suvenirchik besides, and all. Then where to find this dream and what you can have dream if you a lot of things have also you still a lot of things you can. Not sbytochny? But why it is necessary. The dream has to come true. For what? I do not know. Probably, to have some new feelings, something new, such which you represented, but there was a wish in reality. Women and it came true and it is possible to hit the ceiling with happiness. And happiness is a moment. Only a moment, explosion, and then only a smoke from a funnel. Sadly.

You live in Paris, sadly, rainy evening and you think: “As to well those people who did not see anything yet. They in life can have so many opening. They can dream of Paris, of big money, of true love, of everything that I already have. Far farther? Of course it is possible further, but what for? Why is even higher that it was even more sad. Those people can test these moments of happiness, pleasure from new opening. And that at me: the beloved wife, of course any more is not present those feelings, there is no that passion, but there is something else some rest, respect, a support; I have children. I remember as they were born. Then I really believed in miracles. What this miracle the birth of the new person, your person, and you are a wizard, and even moreover you are a father. Father. And how much you already saw how you achieved everything and why you. Why you live in Paris, in this beautiful city which want to see and die. And you live in it, you had the happy ticket, you and not a lump to another. You are a happy person because so warmly and quietly, so …“. And you have in a throat a lump and tears well up. You cry. You cry with happiness.