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How to operate behavior of the child by means of games and small cunnings? (P.1).

of the Imagination of parents which are forced to be constantly on the alert and to arrange the behavior under the kid, have no borders. Literally each operation of the child which he performs unwillingly or to which has no psychological preparation forces parents to think out games or small cunnings to achieve that result which they want to reach from the little pighead.

For example, one children - very reluctantly others meet new people, - cannot release without hysterics from themselves for a while parents on affairs. And there is a lot of such situations provoked by children. Each of them - is at the same time typical for children`s behavior and at the same time - it is especially individual in each case.

How to find a way out of similar situations?

I. We will begin with a situation Acquaintance to new people .

The main difference of children who are afraid meets new people, - their natural shyness. For this reason they hide from strangers during conversation with them somewhere around your knee. From outside such picture of acquaintance can look comically: the senior gives a hand for acquaintance, and younger - escapes for a back of parents. That it did not occur, try to apply the following cunnings:

1. Tell the child in advance about the person who will come to you on a visit. The child can show photos of this person and to tell that he wants to visit you.

2. Game in Acquaintance it will be more interesting if you play a role of the Hospitable Owner, and your child - role of the Stranger.

3. During acquaintance hide for the child (as if you hesitate too). Such course, most likely, will amuse your kid and will remove the general stress.

4. As effective preparatory game for development of skill to communicate in children game under the name « can act; Hellou! Bonzhur! Hola! .

Give to the child a game task to greet new guests by means of the word Hello! in different languages. For this purpose you need previously to train the child in foreign greetings, here it is possible to make the list of such greetings. For example, word Hi! sounds in Spanish as Hola! in French - Bonzhur! in German - Guten tag! in Italian - Bonzhorno! in English - Hellou! on Chinese - Hao! . Game not only will liberate children at acquaintance to new guests, but also will fill up their lexicon.

However at acquaintance it is very important to observe a certain framework of behavior. It is impossible to force the child to kiss or embrace someone from new acquaintances with whom to the child it is uncomfortable.

II. How to make so that the child released you on important issues.

Sometimes mothers have situations when it is necessary to leave the child with the nurse for some time, and to be engaged in important issues outdoors. In such situation the child needs psychological preparation as withdrawal of beloved mother from the house at several o`clock - this big event for the kid.

1. In advance tell the child that you will leave. For this purpose show it a calendar, enter a countdown, crossing out days, or make a color chain of paper rings and tear off on one ring every day.

2. The child will cease to be afraid of your leaving if someone from his friends tells it as fine they spent house time when there were no parents, but there was a nurse.

3. It is important that the child precisely knew with whom he will stay at home for the period of your absence. The nurse has to be the person for the child.

4. Tell the child what he will do with the nurse. For example, so: At first you will tasty have supper with the nurse, then will a little draw, the nurse will read to you the fairy tale before going to bed, then you will clean teeth and will go to bed! For the period of the absence you have to provide all possible difficulties therefore surely write down instructions for the nurse, all necessary phone numbers.

5. It is easier to leave on the affairs when the child is busy with something interesting (watches TV, dances, draws, etc.) then parting at several o`clock will be less painful for the child.

6. You do not look sad, the child should not chuvstvoat either your grief, or your alarm for him. To leave without tears play the game We Wave at parting . Think up the ridiculous way to wave good-bye, for example, make waves hands over the head, or opening and closing palms as a mouth of a crocodile. It is possible to wave with one or several fingers. Let the child will answer you with the same, imitating you. Then farewell will take place on a cheerful note, with a smile. Only do not wave hands more than 3 - x time, otherwise you risk to remain for a long time on a threshold.

(Be continued.).