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How to talk to the psychic?

are considered Very good form in our enlightened era with aristocratic contempt to speak of such primitive, such rough and inefficient medicine. And really: people both died, and die; incurable diseases only increased; drugs were tasteless and remained such... The melancholy also besprosvt, in a word - prose.

But, intellectual and in general actual reasonings on omnipotence of medicine alternative became poetical (read magical and magic): about astral matters, space energiya, thin bodies, the otherworldly worlds and other beliberda which miraculousness nobody doubts. Publicly stated doubt, and a naipacha denial of all this brekhologiya, is perceived by intelligent society as terrible bad manners: well, it seems as wallowed in ignorance hamchishche at ladies loudly broke wind.

In a word, demand for miracles in society is big and therefore quite naturally generates the offer. As toadstools in rotten fall, got producers of miracles: academicians of unknown academies, hereditary sorcerers are children of engineers and accountants, and everything as one, with a biofield and at aura.

The owner of private clinic, where I worked, far from medicine but very successful business - the lady owning two more stomatologic offices and shop of any personal belongings “for health“ very much wanted to decorate the staff with the psychic.

How it was already told above, this good everywhere in bulk, but go figure who is hu? She - that wanted the real psychic, with a strong biofield and mighty aura, but not a zamukhryshka with the diploma drawn on the home printer.

In procedure of employment of obormot the expert`s part - the examiner was assigned to me. Madam Mizrakhi trusted me for several reasons.

In - the first, mine made impression on it - all in flowers and peacocks - the Korean diploma which authenticity it verified extremely simply: called Seoul and right there Pak Dzhe Wu received from professor very flatter characteristic.

In - the second, I managed to relieve it of vertebrogenny headaches which for some reason persistently were called “migraine“ and were treated with the corresponding success.

And in - the third, it very much liked posters and tables, with any pentagrams, hexagrams and Asian physiognomies with which I covered the office, and a mysterious smoke of a moksa, always there soaring: magical incensing, not differently...

Anyway, but all applicants for a post of the psychic first of all got to me. Very curious copies of which I hope to tell in the separate narration occurred among them, but all of them were either banal charlatans, or gawks, or people fooled on various courses, to put it mildly, not quite adequate.

All of them, naturally, got the heave-ho. And all would be beautiful, but constancy with which hereditary sorcerers and favourite pupils of Dzhuna took off for a door (poor creatures did not suspect that I am her pupil too, only unloved), this persistence on rejection of supernatural talents began to irritate the hostess. Once she without excess equivoques stated to me that it, gevert Ronit Mizrakhi, thinks of all this.

Having waited for the end of lavopodobny flow of words, I extremely respectfully reminded the rabotodatelnitsa that I from the very beginning notified her on the attitude towards all this supernatural nonsense, and her suspicions concerning the fact that I get rid of possible competitors and I put the self-interests above interests of its clinic, are absolutely groundless. These misters to me not competitors as I go in for medicine, and they “horse-radish knows than“. They for me an other dimension as professor Pak spoke in similar cases.

Perhaps, from - for insufficient knowledge of Hebrew I abused the words “hara“ and “mekhurbany“ a little, but the hostess sung small and agreed to honor with the presence the next interview.

For some time the flow of psychics ran low...

In the zharishcha I managed to pick up something grippoobrazny, but long it was not succeeded to lie in: plainly without having rested in bed, returned for work in very prostokvashny state.

And there was the next unique person. There was not one, and accompanied by the hostess. She did not forget our arrangement and came to stand for the protege.

Very imposing man the easy impressiveness, it is sure - an indulgent manner to present the person reminded that piece from “Faust“ at once that it was translated once for the sake of offset by “automatic machine“ for English.

You are slender also in all beauty,

your look is disseminated, the look is haughty.

involuntarily trust That everything,

Who is most self-confident.

Teaching the Student, Mephistopheles obviously meant the healer sitting before me.

From the solid leather folder diplomas international were taken (anyhow!) academies. Some were almost same beautiful as mine. Special terminology was put to use: uniform power - an information field, power matrixes, telluric radiation and so on.

My God as beautifully he spoke! I went bananas. And the rabotodatelnitsa just was thrilled, having forgotten to pretend that does not understand in Russian.

Not bad being guided in the fraudulent environment, I threw the necessary remarks, and my vis-a-vis was filled in solovyyom, gradually entering the most delicate pianissimo.

The hostess was in a trance: her cheeks turned pink, the magnificent breast rose deep breath. Mentally she already owned this treasure which fell down it from the Russian Aliya, and the future profits heated it blood.

Oh, damn! This type perfectly is able to inspire. Well nothing, son of a bitch, now I will suit you the Sixth symphony, there will be to you a crescendo!

- This mister is perfectly educated, - I address in Hebrew the hostess. - You not against to check his practical skills?

Certainly, madam Mizrakhi (the daughter of the dentist from Chernovits) not against. She wishes to be convinced of extraordinary talent of mister healer personally.

- So, the colleague, all you told just remarkably. But the dear madam Mizrakhi needs the practical worker, and you told about the unique abilities to diagnostics here. You are ready to hold a diagnostic session right now?

Telling it, I quite indecently squelched a nose - devil`s cold and it is a pity somehow for the uncle, he so tried.

- Here directly also diagnose me. Keep in mind, I am a doctor, I know the organism perfectly and all the sores too. A little I will help you: I underwent several surgeries (strenuously I cough), so you tell how many and what. At least, on what bodies.

Not without pleasure having observed a prompt shallowing of a stream of the enthusiasm exhaled by the psychic I provided the organism in its order.

The usual pantomime with contemplation of aura, with a stare in eyes began (And here those horse-radish! They at me small, sit deeply and poluopushchena eyelids... A fig you on raduzhka will not read. At me there, to tell the truth, and there is nothing to read...) and studying of palms. (The chiromantist is lousy. That I am not “Down“, and it is so clear. At least for decency looked at nails. So not!)

Passes begin. The psychic wags with hands at me over the head, will see off along a body, muttering any nonsense, and, at last, stops.

With an opposite demonstrative squelch I outdo the palm back. The hostess fastidiously screws up the face, the psychic is unperturbable.

- So, colleague, (Tambov wolf to you colleague!) if you finished, we will be glad to hear your conclusion. I really nasty feel. What will you tell in this respect?

- Well what to tell? Power breakdown and leakage of energy in a pancreas takes place... Kidneys are weak, all very zashlakovano. Problems with a prostate gland. A solar chakra dim, someone to you made the block in a solar plexus...

Otsmorkavshis in a napkin - My God, since morning already exhausted all box (chronic rhinitis is my execution) - and having taken breath, I exclaim:

- What pancreas! I can eat a horseshoe and to have a snack on a hoof, and nothing to me will be! And my prostate I ask not to offend! I a stream can break a toilet bowl, on me will not save enough them. You see above, the head.

The healer with the same grimaces moves feelers around my head, again mutters some spells. The arrogance at it was obviously slightly reduced.

- Well what you will tell, the colleague? What pathology was found in the head? I have indeed an obscene health, and such expert as you, has to see such sharp pathology through a wall.

Actually, on my French pronunciation the guy on the street who directly under our window trades in nice carved hand-made articles from a local stone could make the exact diagnosis.

- You sharply broke aura in a cerebellum, the power hole was formed there, blood circulation in a brain is broken.

- Yes, and how it is broken? The head of me hurts, it is the truth, but in front. In front look.

I look back at the hostess. In eyes at it devils dance. Not only the beautiful, but also clever woman, she understood everything for a long time, but very much tries to keep passionlessly - serious expression. To it hunting to look through the sketch which before it is played.

- In frontal lobes a power imbalance and cold area which demonstrates tumoral process. (Decided to frighten, found whom.)

- It is awful and what about airways? I spoke to you about operations... How there nasopharynx?

- Obvious opposition of the main forces of the main primary elements in a meridian of a lung and stagnation of energy in a chakra...

Keeping kamenno - a passionless look, the hostess quickly leaves an office and densely closes a door. The sound as though from a mouth spryskivat the dried-up linen is heard.

There is no sense any more to put on an act and to lie down now, but not to part an antimoniya with this charlatan.

- Yes not in a chakra, and in a nose at me stagnation! And not energy, but snivels! Cold at me the third day. All right, you are the same psychic how I am your grandmother, but eyes - that at you are? I have a red nose though about it get a light, from it flows in three streams... Same it is VISIBLE! Well also tell that it is visible to you, but do not fill the blackamoor about charkas - shmakra! Tooth is morzhovy! (On - Arab tooth is just well-known body.)

It is necessary to pay it tribute. It slowly collected the folder and was removed, full of advantages. Even did not leave in a huff.

To a question of psychics of rabotodatelniyets did not come back any more. And soon there was a law on a fourteen-year experience, I found the place for training in the state hospital and left private clinic on Nordau Street. With gevert Mizrakhi we left as it is accepted to speak, on the terms of full mutual understanding.

It is necessary to tell, I was fine surprised by news that in my former office “the real healer“ - the kabbalist accepts sufferers.

And later even some time I showed to friends the beauty Haifa. Naturally, we visited also Nordau Street - the hayfsky Arbat. Over an entrance to the former clinic the new sign flaunted: KINDERGARTEN.

Passed many years. A sign - the same.