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How to get rid of spots under mice of

How to get rid of spots under mice

Though spots under mice and are not so strongly noticeable as the same spots on the face, they in the same way can bring discomfort and cause not less painful feelings to their owner. Gidradenit this disease or as nicknamed him in the people still “Suchye Vymya“ carries the name.

Arises gidradenit at an inflammation of sweat glands at the person.

And here treatment of these spots quite long and difficult occupation, in comparison with other types of rashes of an acne on skin. In more detail about acne rashes on skin it is possible to learn from the previous article about spots.

What reasons of appearance of “Suchyego Vymya“?

The most common causes of emergence of spots under mice the following:

the increased perspiration;

non-compliance with hygiene of a body;

skin diseases;

the lowered immunity.

endocrine diseases;

Most often gidradenit appears then when the person not especially watches purity of own body or on the contrary applies very large number of a deodorant. Wounds and cuts on skin also become a reason for developing of infections and can often conduct to a purulent inflammation. “Suchye an udder“ is called by bacteria of a streptococcus and staphylococcus.

What Symptoms of spots under mice?

Education in the field of an axillary hollow of small consolidation visually similar to a lymph node under the arm is the main sign of a gidradenit. Such consolidations can be even a little at once. Consolidations painful to the touch, also have spherical shape, mistakenly take them for the inflamed lymph node under the arm.

With pro-procession of time they become even more painful and begin to increase in a size. Consolidations can have a crimson or cyanotic shade. The general condition of an organism begins will worsen. Heat-spots under mice sometimes can is followed also by increase in body temperature.

After a while from small knots pus begins to be emitted. And in certain cases also fistulas can open. Most often gidradenit at once strikes both axillary hollows.

If not to begin to treat in due time spots under mice, then complications can lead to phlegmon or abscess. Also there can be a weakness, a general malaise and fever.

For the good doctor will not make big work to find signs of a gidradenit in the patient. To define bacterial flora, the doctor will appoint necessary analyses which will help to pick up the necessary treatment.

Ways of Treatment “Suchyego Vymya“

it is important to start treatment of a gidradenit, at an initial stage, for the present the illness did not pass into the started form not to resort to surgical intervention.

The first that needs to be made at once - to strengthen own immunity, it will help an organism to struggle with an infection more effectively. It is also possible to complete a course of polyvitamins or to begin to lead a healthy lifestyle and of course it is necessary to eat properly.

Gidradenit it is treated by medicamentous means. Spots under mice, process disinfecting or antiseptics, namely:

boric alcohol;

Vishnevsky`s ointment;

ointment Neomycinum;

bactericidal soap;



In case of need can be appointed also antibiotics. Appoint also antimicrobic means such as erythromycin, tetratsiklin and doxycycline. As an immunotherapy the staphylococcal vaccine and reception scale - globulins is appointed to the patient. For successful treatment of “Suchyego Vymya“ it is important to observe surely hygiene of own body and to try to take whenever possible more often a shower.

In the cases which are very started when spots under the arm passed into phlegmon or abscess, resort to surgical intervention, for opening of an abscess. Then it is necessary to apply daily mazevy bandages, applying them on the struck area of an axillary hollow. Also will promote the speedy recovery fizio - procedures. The course of treatment of axillary spots makes from about 7 to 14 days.

“Suchye Vymya“ can appear in case of not the correct treatment again.

Folk remedies for treatment of a gidradenit

are several effective ways of treatment “Suchyego Vymya“ folk remedies Today. The quite good effect is reached by application of leaves of a treelike aloe. At first leaves of an aloe need to be washed out water, then to cut and put them to the inflamed skin site.

Also for external application it is possible to use plantain leaves. For this purpose we take the fresh washed-out leaf, we rumple it and we fit to an axillary hollow. Leaves of a celery are used the same way. All these methods render bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action on your skin. It is necessary to apply these procedures several times in days until the inflammation leaves.

For washing of the inflamed site of skin use the solution made of sea salt. On a glass of warm prokipyachenny water pour 2 teaspoons of salt. The turned-out solution of sea salt to be filtered in the most thorough way and is used for processing of spots by an armpit.

There is one more good way: it will be necessary to take a sage, camomile flowers, a calendula and an eucalyptus (on 1 teaspoon), to fill in all this with one glass of boiled water. Tincture, has to stand days in the dark cool place, in the closed capacity. After that infusion is filtered and wash out it the inflamed armpits.

Prevention of a gidradenit

From - for the fact that emergence of a gidradenit is promoted by excessive perspiration it is necessary to carry out daily hygienic procedures and to watch very carefully purity of own body.

Excessive weight can lead too to excessive sweating therefore it is necessary to try to limit the number of reception of flour and too greasy food and to balance the food. Your food has to be the most useful and of course natural: fish, cottage cheese, boiled meat, fruit and vegetables.

It is necessary to select carefully the cosmetics which are not causing allergic reactions and not irritating your skin. You should not abuse also excessive application of deodorants.

Sports and a hardening, will help to strengthen your immunity. For example, run, sports walking, Pilates, etc.

should pay A lot of attention to treatment of already available diseases able also to lead to emergence of a gidradenit. For example, allergy, endocrine diseases, etc.


Important: treatment of a gidradenit has to be carried out only by skilled experts surely. It is not necessary to start an illness at all, and at once at the first signs of a gidradenit it is worth seeing a doctor.

Independently it is IMPOSSIBLE to press spots at all as it can lead to serious consequences and further distribution of a purulent infection on an organism.

It is forbidden to put to the place of consolidation any warming compresses also.

You should not through - chur abuse with national ways of treatment of a gidradenit under the arm, and it is better to put the main emphasis on drug treatment.

It is worth to remember, that timely treatment and acceptance of preventive measures will seriously reduce chances of manifestation of a repeated gidradenit under the arm in the future.