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Gold cone with aroma of the sea. How to grow up it? There are no

an opportunity to luxuriate in beams of the southern sun, to breathe freshness of sea &ndash air; an exit is: lodge in the apartment a pachystachys, and this desire will partially be granted. During blossoming the plant will be decorated with golden inflorescences - the candles radiating heat and grace, and its snow-white florets will exhale aroma of sea freshness.

A pachystachys, the native of East India and the tropical regions of America, was included in the European list of houseplants not so long ago. But who will see it blossoming, for certain will fall in love and will appreciate.

Brightly - yellow okolotsvetnik give to a kolosovidny inflorescence shape of an ear, ear, elegant New Year`s candle. And small snow-white flowers are similar to wax potyok, they publish almost inaudible aroma of sea air. Flowers keep only several days, but golden okolotsvetnik flaunt on a plant several weeks, giving it a summer charm and granting festive mood.

On one plant at the correct leaving there can be about twenty inflorescences, in that case blossoming lasts several months.

The sort Pachystachys belongs to Akantov` family and contains 12 species of evergreen bushes and grassy plants. In translation from Greek “pachystachys“ means “a thick cone“.

More often flower growers grow up a pachystachys yellow. In the nature it grows to one and a half meters in height, in room conditions - to meter. Large dark-green, glossy leaves are a fine frame to bright inflorescences - the candles reaching in length of 10 - 12 cm

the Pachystachys quite unpretentious plant. At observance of simple rules of contents he will present you with magnificent long blossoming.

First of all the pachystachys needs to be provided with light and high humidity of air. At the southern window pritenyat. From direct sunshine leaves get light-green coloring that will reduce decorative effect, but to the plant will not damage.

Optimum temperature in the veseena - the summer period 22 - 23 degrees, watering has to be at this time plentiful that the top layer of earth completely did not dry up. If air dry, is required spraying by otstoyanny or boiled water. It is also good to put a plant in the pallet in which water is poured, but it is necessary to put on pebbles that the bottom of a pot did not concern water.

The pachystachys loves fresh air, but does not transfer even small draft - can dump leaves. It is desirable to move in the summer on a loggia or the glazed balcony.

in the Fall and in the winter to a pachystachys is comfortable at a temperature of 18 - 19 degrees and moderate watering.

During growth of times in two weeks to feed up any fertilizer for the blossoming plants, but it is obligatory after plentiful watering not to allow a burn of roots.

A necessary condition of receiving magnificent blossoming is the hairstyle and a prishchipyvaniye - tsvetonosa are formed only on new escapes. The plant is cut off at the height of 12 - 15 cm from soil level, on the escapes appearing after a hairstyle delete the lower leaflets. In the first year of life prishchipyvany make several times, then the next year the plant will magnificently blossom.

Optimum life expectancy in room conditions 2 - 3 years. By the nature the pachystachys lasts up therefore with age the main trunk becomes bare and decorative effect is lost. The plant can prolong life, having cut off it honor at the level of the soil and having left 2 - 3 kidneys.

Make multiple copies a pachystachys shanks which well take roots in water or damp sand. It is necessary to land the taken roots shanks on 2 - 3 pieces in a pot. For landing the universal earth will be suitable for houseplants.

The pachystachys does not love big capacities and as in the first year it quickly grows, it is necessary to replace several times. It is necessary to carry out this procedure when roots get out of drainage openings, way of transfer. After change it is obligatory to make a prishchipyvaniye.

At observance these governed, receive a low magnificent plant with 8 - 12 lateral escapes on which tsvetonosa are formed in the spring for a season.

The pachystachys is steady against diseases and wreckers, but the plant louse, a web tick, mealy chervets, the whitefly can attack the weakened plants. Fight against them it is possible - by means of insecticides. with

More often flower growers are concerned by subsidence of leaves, the reason of it - insufficient watering or drafts.