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Furniture terms and definitions.

Modern life dictates the living conditions in the market and offers a lot of furniture. There are many unknown words which it is necessary to understand.

Furniture terminology

of Beskarkasnaya upholstered furniture - which has no rigid elements of a design, despite it the furniture is capable to maintain big loadings

the Block of independent springs - springs provide uniform distribution of loading

Akrilayn - ideally equal glossy facade

of DVP - drevesno - the fibrous cloth made in the course of pressing of specially prepared

spill the Closer - allows densely and slowly pretend to be a door

of a chipboard - drevesno - a struzhechny plate, the most popular material for production of furniture

of RAL - a set of flowers, the standard of the

color space Pollick - a back wall at furniture, about about 1 mm in thickness

the Reception - furniture of this zone of reception of guests

the Lectern - a stolok for a pisam (it is applied in conference halls)

the Interline interval - wood material in the form of the wood layers (4 - 10 mm) received by hulling, planing with pileniye

of Shponirovaniye - hot pressing of an interline interval to wood details

of PVC (polyvinylchloride) - synthetic material, edges of facades of furniture and table-tops

the Edge - the material which is applied to pasting of end faces of products from DVP (happens from PVC and melamine) paste over

Lakobel - the opaque color glass applied to an interior.

of the Lamel - the curved wooden levels which are stuck together from several layers of wood.

Texture - the drawing formed by fibers of

wood of Tsarga - the frame frame panel framing the basis of a bed

of LDSP - laminated by a chipboard

the Massif of a tree - the facade received directly from a tree trunk (100% wood)

of MDF - pressing of wood shaving at high temperature and pressure

the Patina - artificial imitation (aging) of semi-antique new objects.

Sandblasting - processing of a surface of glasses, mirrors the small sand given under pressure

air of Postforming - manufacturing techniques of MDF, a chipboard - the plates covered with melamine with the rounded edge

the Socle - basic part of the furniture product

Built-in Furniture - lack of the case, are absent lateral and back walls, placement in a wall or a niche

the Pantograph - a kind of hangers for

clothes the Case - a compartment - a basis is system of sliding doors, has no bulky loopy doors.

the Gas-lift - the gas lubricant shock-absorber, is regulated on chair height