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What soap operas to watch since August? “Mr. Robinson“, “Show me the hero“

we Continue the review of serial novelties of August, the most interesting of which fell on the last dates.

“Mr. Robinson“ (“Mr. Robinson“)

In the RuNet appeared the new serial comedy in the best traditions of the American musical sitcoms - series “Mr. Robinson“.

Series plot. Similar plots on modern television we already saw enough: very promising musician Craig who is not deprived of talent but did not blow up any chart yet acts in a local cafe in the evenings, playing in local group. And as you will not earn by such concert activity much, Craig Robinson gets a job to earn additionally in local school the music teacher. Especially as at this school teaches as recently Craig learned, the great teacher of English who was in love before with Craig and it unmercifully prodinamit it.

But that was long ago, still at the time of school final, and since then the girl blossomed really that cannot be told about Craig in any way. However, Craig is the companion positive and cheeful, creative and inventive and besides at him it turns out, however, not from the first, to find a common language with the pupils. Pupils undertake to help Craig “to pick up“ the teacher, but here in the relations with the strict head mistress whom the creative person of Craig does not please at all, they to him not assistants - here, Mr. Robinson, cope.

Series counter. This project starts NBC channel which is known for the sitcoms “Community“ and “Parks and recreation areas“. At first sight, it is a usual sitcom about a survival of slightly silly main character in the offered circumstances, and it would be possible to tell that a novelty, say, on the fan if not the leading man. Here on whom it is worth looking, so at it on Craig Robinson, the performer of a role Craig Robinson. The actor plays full the namesake so magnificently, easily, is fresh and impressively that only for the sake of it it is worth watching series. By the way, many can remember Craig Robinson according to series “Office“.

Familiar faces. In film-making team of series - the producer of “Handsome“ Steve Pink, the director of “Friends“ and “Lascivious California“ Michael Lembek, and also one of directors of series “Two and a Half Persons“ Andy Ekerman. In actor`s ensemble Gary Cole from “A swagger - mazhor“, Spencer Gremmer from “University“ and Migan Goode for whom this premiere in August not only - she acted also in series “Dissenting opinion“ very much pleased. Besides, in the project the pretty girl Brandon T. Jackson from “Lascivious California“ acted.

I think, fans of comedies and especially musical sitcoms should look surely.

“Show me the hero“ (“Show Me a Hero“)

In the second half of August the HBO channel starts the new criminal drama about politicians 80 - x “Show me the hero“.

Series counter. This pass - the series are based on the documentary novel of the famous telescript writer Lisa Belkin “Show me the hero“ which tells about real events in the city of Yonkers of the American state New - York in 1988. Authors of series declare that all pass - the series are shot as one big movie.

Familiar faces. the author of “Wiretap“ David Simon and the director of “Collision“ Paul Haggis undertook shooting. They invited in the project of such stars of world size that, believe, surely it is worth looking at result of their work.

In the project the people who are not needing representation - James Belushi, Winona Ryder, Oscar Isaac, Catherine Kiner and Alfred Molina acted.

Series plot. B 80 - x on the mayor`s post Yonkers in the state New - York stands Nicholas Vasisko who manages to outstrip on elections of the more skilled, rich and cunning predecessor. In the same time the present social drama is developed in the city. At once after election the City Council is got by the instruction to construct housing for residents of poor areas, but the city treasury is poor so that similar expenditure can result the city in bankruptcy.

The rich city layer opposes construction that provokes the serious conflict with poor Black quarters which is followed by mass riots. Race conflict expands with a geometrical progression, and the young inexperienced mayor should cope somehow with a situation not to lose the control remains.

It is necessary to know that the multiroom housing which in such huge number is under construction at us in the USA of those years was built extremely reluctantly as residents of safe “white“ areas were afraid for the rest and safety which could break the whole high-rise buildings of nishchebrod. Cynically, cruelly, but it was, and Lisa Belkin also writes about it in the novel.

The mayor Nicholas Vasisko who became in the history of Yonkers the youngest mayor is similar in this history to the knight fighting a losing battle.

The series should be watched surely! History is interesting, fascinating and very instructive. Besides it shows us absolutely other America where at people the same difficulties and democratic society has not so democratic problems.

And there is more to come novelties of August so do not switch!