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Cherry plum. Than it is good?

Here also come to an end summer. From time to time the easy grustinka runs, the first spider lines of Indian summer meet on the way to a garden. There comes the cherry plum maturity time. As if she did not try, and to her will not get rid of sourness. And why - it is a lot of advantage of that sourness.

The cherry plum, or the plum which is spread wide were appreciated by our ancestors - more than two millennia are cultivated it in Europe, many regions of Asia. A prickly tree or a bush from family Rozotsvetnykh reaches height of 4 - 10 meters, enters a fructification time from early age - 2 - 4 years, life expectancy - 50 - 60 years.

Many grades and hybrids are removed. The cherry plum seeds, an inoculation, layers breeds. Seedlings are used as an excellent stock for plum, a peach, an apricot.

From a cherry plum it is possible to grow up an impassable green hedge. For this purpose in the fall at distance of 30 - 50 cm land in holes on several stones. In process of growth of seedlings, branches bind among themselves, limit growth. In 4 - 5 years the fence will be created. It will only an every year be necessary to cut it, keeping the necessary shape. The cherry plum well accepts a hairstyle.

From seeds of cultural plants receive non-drying fat oil which is widely used in medicine and the cosmetic industry. On the qualities it does not concede to almond oil.

Fruits of a cherry plum are rich in organic acids, sugar, pectin, contain potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium. Are useful in the crude and processed look. Are recommended to children for growth improvement, to pregnant women and the feeding women, elderly people.

In traditional medicine long since used cherry plum fruits for treatment and prevention of avitaminosis, at diseases of a liver and bilious ways, at locks. Availability of pectin promotes removal from an organism of radionuclides and other harmful substances.

Thanks to high contents of potassium the cherry plum strengthens a cardiac muscle, is useful at arrhythmia.

Water infusion of flowers is applied at diseases of a liver and kidneys, impotences, &ndash gum; as a cough remedy.

From a cherry plum cook sauces, jams, compotes, a fruit candy and many other dishes. It is used when pickling tomatoes instead of vinegar.

Interesting compote turns out from vegetable marrows and a yellow cherry plum - vegetable marrows will taste like tinned pineapple. For its preparation on a bottom of a one-liter jar it is necessary to put a cherry plum on a third of height, to report to top the vegetable marrows cut by large pieces, half rings. To fill in with the boiling syrup (about three tablespoons of sugar on a water liter floor), to wrap up for about twenty minutes. Syrup to merge, perekipyatit, again to fill in. And once again to merge, boil and roll up to bank.

For children it is possible to prepare useful and tasty sweet. For this purpose the cherry plum should be steamed, without adding water, to wipe through a sieve. To uvarit the received mashed potatoes before solidification. To create flat cakes 4 - 5 mm thick, to dry up them on the sun or in a warm oven at an open door. Further to cool, strew a little with cinnamon, icing sugar, to turn in tubules, to cut on pieces. It is possible to keep such delicacy several months at the room temperature.

For preparation of a fruit candy of mashed potatoes also uvarivat, roll with thicker layer - 1 - 1,5 cm, dry flat cakes about two hours in an oven. After that cut portion pieces and pour icing sugar.

From a cherry plum fragrant jam turns out beautiful on color. It is possible to cook with stones and without them. For cooking without stones fruits should be cut in half and to remove stones. To fill up the prepared cherry plum with sugar (1,5 - 2 kg), to leave at several o`clock that started up juice. To cook at continuous stirring on weak fire about 20 minutes. If to cook with stones, fruits should be pierced in several places the pointed match.

Excellent jam can be made from a cherry plum of any color, but it is necessary to tinker a little. To throw fruits in the boiling water. When skins begin to burst, to cast away on a colander and to send under cold water for several seconds. To remove skins, to take out stones, to fill up sugar (to taste) and to uvarit to readiness. It is possible to cook in three calling: to boil minutes five, to set aside for a couple of hours. But I think, it is enough to cook in one calling - there is a lot of pectin in fruits therefore jam quickly gets denser, and at numerous cooking vitamins collapse more.