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Phase of the Rainbow and from where “legs“ at OS grow.

Perhaps the name of article seem to someone not clear, but I am not going to explain since for understanding of the matters it is necessary to read not one ten books. This material presents generally to mine notes of thought, idea etc. Perhaps it is useful also to a narrow circle of the people familiar with Castaneda`s works. Monroe, Laberzhe, Rainbows and others. Listened recently next to books of the Rainbow and decided to write article, and the cycle of articles on this subject can. However, in an amicable way, I plan to write couple of books on a subject of Toltecs. But alas literally I sink in household vanity and weight other subjects interesting me on them could write not one volume also. It is possible when be not just I will group the articles on subjects.

A couple of words about the book of the Rainbow “Phase“. At once I want to thank Mikhail for new (for me) the book. Once long ago I watched its seminars and read couple of books. There is a wish to tell that this book is better last. In it as it seems to me it is considered a number of the moments on which it would be worth accenting attention. For example, now the Rainbow stopped on predecessors mentioned their weak and strengths more. Gave as it seems to me more than in last books, attention of the theory, and not just practice. It is visible that it moves in the right direction, but it seems to me very slowly. In principle it and is not surprising since the perspective mentioned by him very difficult and at the same time perspective. I understand its motives to place emphasis in practice. As the considered activity originates in an occultism and esoterics and in spite of the fact that already many moments are evidence-based on it still the mysticism label, and even some deception lies. Therefore likely really most effective means that or whom, or to prove it to advise them to check most. Likely from - for such tactics thanks to the Rainbow the subject becomes known in wider circles. Nevertheless something, essentially new I did not find in the book. Though it made strong impression on me and once again there was a wish to understand a phenomenon which OS are in more detail. And also in difference from Mikhail to make theoretical hypotheses, and perhaps and to give new extraordinary ideas concerning practice. At once I will tell that I am not Laberzhe))) his works also very impress but already from the scientific point of view. He as I understood not only that proved an opportunity to have conscious dreams, but also connected and proved this phenomenon really widely having opened subject of OS. For me he is one of the few really academic scientists, in difference from the mass of the charlatans who bought degree, or accepted a title by inheritance. Laberdzhe not only writes in the best traditions of science, but also is not afraid to touch upon so difficult subjects which acquired fables and legends. Laberzhe was succeeded to separate grains from a ryegrass seeded by Castaneda and Monroe and with which the Rainbow feeds people now. And I will try to process them in flour for convenient assimilation))). Though besides. In difference from the above described giants of thought I or am based that I remember with hi works, or I give hypotheses which can be and wrong. It is modest to admit experience at me also is)). Therefore when I read works of above-mentioned authors, I perfectly understood what they write about since experienced it.

So what is for me conscious dreams. It is banal self-hypnosis. Though not just self-hypnosis, and self-hypnosis at very high level. I.e. any person thanks to scientific studying of philosophical and cultural traditions of the different people had a possibility of himself to hypnotize and in such state to experience some new experiences and even somehow to use them. This focus is based is banal on physiology and psychology of a dream. I think, everyone video dreams, and knows that they represent. Here thanks to psychological trainings it is possible to cause understanding in a dream.

Prospects of OS - the Rainbow only is also engaged in it, but it seems to me result (from this that it described) a little. Though even the fact that it turns out at it enormously. To me for example in spite of the fact that conscious dreams dream sometimes it is not possible (using its terminology) to use direct technicians. Though few times all currents it turned out.

Nevertheless, I will dare to give couple of advice which as it have to seems to exchange to help with advance to practicians.

For a start it is necessary to me all currents again will return to mysticism though I am not his supporter. There we left couple of important practical points which should be extended from the mass of prejudices and superstitions. Namely the fact that the dream, is only one party, a medal which is called “Soldier“. “Soldier“, is the person living on philosophy of Toltecs. As we were convinced of it much which the science begins to solve only now, and conscious dreams, it is only part of secrets of a human brain. In the doctrine of Toltecs it is difficult to explain a lot of things since to these phenomena practical is not present analogs in the modern languages, besides a lot of things that reached us acquired the metaphors and allegories which are accepted to reality. Nevertheless, the philosophical and psychological doctrine develops is not dependent and even opens various people. It is bad that it becomes for frequent in parts. For example: The rainbow practices dreams, someone other stalking, the third still that that. But it is worth remembering that all these technicians as legs of one table which supplement each other. For this reason I advise to pay attention on other technicians and to consider them in a complex.

But here it is necessary to be careful since. on the basis of mysticism, and esoterics is based just every day the different psavdoucheniye not of what which are not giving, and serving one purpose it to pumping of money. Therefore I for myself in this plan thought up two rules. 1 - never and not to whom under no circumstances to pay for it money and 2 - to compare with personal experience and to estimate all crucially from a position of logic and the principles of the razor of Okkam. Since for example: in youth under impression of books of Monroe having got to one very realistic OS I already began to think that all this the truth and the worlds described by Robert exist. But Laberzhe placed points over Yo and I further unfortunately, not ours confirmations that OS are really wandering of the phantom on the real worlds. Though not once tried to confirm it, but it is banal my OS for frequent did not coincide even with details of an interior which I checked after awakening. However, supporters of reality of an astral have about it explanations, but they to me seem not convincing. At the same time I do not deny completely the fact that the knowledge gained in OS can be useful in the real World. So far for me it something like a hobby and internal self-development. To a rainbow if he is engaged in it seriously, and would earn on it money I advised to begin to practice all currents and other aspects of the doctrine: a stalking, reviewing and also something else is possible, then can and OS will give bigger effect and will pass for Mikhail from the category of a hobby, earning money into life philosophy, tactics and strategy of existence and aspiration to change the personality, outlook for the purpose of achievement of spiritual freedom and information immortality. And not just the looped cool OS. Which as I understood for the Rainbow were sputtered out. Therefore I recommend “Life in a dream“, Teun Marez, Armando Torres “Carlos Castaneda`s Message will study Florinda Doner`s books. Meetings with the Nagual“, Alexey Ksendzyuk “Dream thresholds“, Aleksandra Libiera “School of the Soldier“, Alexey Pokhabov “Four castes. Who you are“ and other followers of Castaneda. Except so invited Wanderer, though his devout frightened chatter it is possible to read for a hokhma. It causes laughter in people of OS which are practicing a long time, and poor religious fans have likely a fright.

But besides even reading the most soberminded follower of the doctrine of Toltecs not all is clear. A lot of things are written in allegories, metaphors and allegories. So naturally to put it mildly written over to take not all in all good faith. Many from followers language will not turn to call soldiers of the second and especially the third attention. Everyone from them banished the doctrine, as well as Carlos through a prism of the understanding what actually and keepers of this tradition were afraid of. Nevertheless, such is will of spirit)). I will be in turn grateful if someone writes or will give the reference to works for example, on a stalking or reviewing, but written in a scientific key. As it was made by Laberdzhe, but not in povestvovatelno allegoric manner as most of followers of the doctrine. Including and the guru at whom as I understood there were many skeletons in the cupboard and he died from cancer, but not from fire from within. It is strange that such widespread doctrine escaped the well-known fund of Randi. How many looked for infa that rendovets not think where did not find … Bravda my darlings “Bulletins in protection of science“ raised the matter, but besides missed philosophical moments and reduced everything to drug addiction and hallucinations. I will be glad if someone refers that sceptics who understood at least approximately an essence of the doctrine think about it and at the same time possess scientific criticality of mind and the deep analysis. It is clear, that it is possible to criticize and dig in dirty linen of Castaneda as it made BBC in extremely poor and amateurish movie “Stories of the Jungle. Carlos Castaneda“. Afftora to see this shadevr did not even find time to read Castaneda`s books, from - for what not only did not understand an essence of doctrines, but also just filled “picture“ with frank mistakes and oversights. However, it is a separate subject. Especially in distribution on a tracker I commented on it. Nevertheless what philosophy and the relation to life and death not in one gamlivudsky Kean is not shown surprises.

That it is mute less if to separate fairy tales from pragmatics many psychological and philosophical principles of the doctrine can form the basis of new philosophy of the modern person having secular outlook and being the skeptic or the agnostic. In the classical doctrine if exactly to separate grains from a ryegrass, then it is possible to see much in common with scientific approaches. As I understood if I am not mistaken classical doctrine also does not mean existence of soul and as it will not paradoxically sound in difference from the mass of inhabitants believes in death after life. After real death from which person there is at all no not what left. For this reason they actually also practice technicians to leave from death. Though that on rolling pins they manage it, too it is very doubtful. But one such aspiration already deserves respect. And with scientific approach and modern developments perhaps will help with a complex from Castaneda`s words if to trust Torrance: “to displace a point of assembly of Earth“. And if to say usual language as I understand, to change not only tekhnouklad, but also to essentially change shape of mankind and in total with other approaches to transfer it to a new step of development. Besides the principles of the doctrine by and large are real psychological technicians who or already practice psychologists and psychotherapists, or still wait for the Laberzhe who will be able to prove their reality. Also Toltecs do not believe in God. More precisely they as the true scientist assume existence of some reason of the highest order, but in difference from religious fans they do not connect it with those archaic defective teosofsky dogmas and fairy tales at all. However, and classical Toltecs have antiquities of the tales of an eagle much, nevertheless Toltecs use aligoriya since cannot just explain, and here religious fans and sects since try to fleece also time. Generally it is possible to write and compare long to look for pluses and minuses, but this subject leaves far for a framework of this article.

Therefore if not who except the Rainbow and Laberzhe will write nothing acceptable, I should write again … And to show the concrete pragmatic and social moments of the given philosophy communication to give analogies with scientific to knowledge; to consider it as alternative of religion in respect of global outlook and the assumption of what the science did not explain yet. However, perhaps once the science will reach, and before what Toltecs knew for a long time about. It is a pity for just missed time … By the way it will be necessary to touch still upon a subject a time - management since time and at me catastrophic is not enough...