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The inventions made by children of

They say that all age are obedient to love. It is similarly possible to tell also about those who entered the name in history any invention or opening recognized by society very useful. If to look at the granted patents, then involuntarily you notice - among inventors there are not only persons which are very honored on age, but also … children!

The only difference is that the adult for outstanding inventions and opening award the Nobel Prize, and juveniles are avoided - a pier, such award is not necessary to minors. And in vain. Other “ideas“ very much even ask on so prestigious award. And at what here then age? However, you judge.

At the international space station astronauts and astronauts use a toothbrush which design was thought up by the Moscow school student Dmitry Reznikov. At the time of emergence of idea in it he studied in the seventh grade of school number 1415 and there were to it then twelve years. Experts of the Moscow physician - stomatologic higher education institution recognized a design as the invention. The brush has three buttons on the handle. The first supply of toothpaste between a shchetinok joins. The second moves the tiny compressor air. The third the “fulfilled“ paste cleans up in “garbage“ capacity by method of the return absorption. Everything rather simply and it is necessary only to be surprised to why adult inventors did not guess such scheme and crews on ISS brushed teeth wiping by their fingers. Certainly, without paste. Feature on ISS that water there in the conditions of zero gravity turns into the flying balls and a usual toothbrush becomes useless. But if instead of water to use compressed air (namely it and is a basis of the invention of Dima), then the problem is solved completely and effectively.

The twelve-year-old school student from Lviv (Ukraine) Maxim of Lem thought up the robot for the aid to workers of BTI - bureau of technical inventory. There is such government institution which employees are noticed in corruption long ago. Manual measurement of floor area allows to specify for a certain sum of “remuneration“ in the document not absolutely exact figures. To exclude such type of corruption, Maxim thought up the special robot. It weighs very little, its sizes together with the food battery: 20 centimeters - height and ten centimeters - width. The robot is transferred in a usual shopping bag. Indoors it conducts measurement by means of ultrasound. At the same time does not stir the robot furniture at all. Work is performed by him several times quicker than the ordinary measurer and much more precisely. The ready result remains in memory of the robot and can be unpacked. Certainly, very useful invention. But in BTI the robot - the measurer was not necessary. The situation easily speaks: nobody will begin to cut voluntarily a bough on which sits, receiving free “bonus“.

But happens and so that the invention is nastolno demanded that the department interested in it itself begins “to punch“ actively it regarding introduction. So it happened to the invention of the American thirteen-year-old schoolgirl from the city of Manchester Mallory Kyyuvmen. The girl was quite often tormented by a hiccups. And she thought up as to fight against it. The decision was simple. But, that to find it, Mallory was required two years and over one hundred experiments with various substances. Lollipops which part apple cider vinegar in combination with sugar syrup was gave the best effect. The medicine the girl called “Hiccupops“. Under this name it is also patented in the USA, is produced in lots and now it can be got in any drugstore at quite reasonable price there.

The invention of one more American - eight-year-old Alana Myers also is connected with medicine (city of Danedin, State of Florida). Once the girl suffered quite serious injury. Doctors washed out it and bandaged. But as blood continued to exude, bandage were blotted and then dried. After several painful and very painful bandagings with a soaking of bandage, the girl asked the attending physician about why nobody thought up a way of painless removal of a bandage? On this her question the doctor grievously made a helpless gesture. And then the girl began to think and look for by method of tests a way to solve a problem. Its recipe of liquid for a soaking of the bandage which dried on a wound is quite simple: lavender oil is added to water soap solution in a certain proportion. This painless means is applied in many countries now.

If attentively to study history of issue of patents for inventions, then it is possible to find also other examples when the brilliant solution was found by teenagers and even juvenile children.