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To whom was ice cream more important than communism? We get acquainted: Mikoyan A. I., sweet tooth and main supporter of the country!

the Author of this article - the adherent more - less healthy food and cookery. And socialist ideas. What between it the general? Nothing … but there are still interests - history, including military. Especially military economy and supply.

is also a common ground Here: Soviet Food industry. And it is inseparable from Anastas Ivanovich Mikoyan`s identity.

Of course, communists were engaged in food and to Mikoyan. But under its management the food industry of the USSR came to qualitatively new level.

Such is was the decision of the government - in the USSR everything became whenever possible centrally. In November, 1917 there was a decree with the permission to local authorities to control all deliveries of the food to the cities and in particular - about the organization of public dining rooms. As made mischief in one “documentary“ movie to release cooks for government. Well with those “Lenin cooks“ a question special and amusing. The decree if to find time to read it, aimed not at “cooks for management“, and at elementary rescue from hunger.

I rescued … And when it became possible, found means to improve food. Not only towards improvement and nutritiousness (well that “the people deprived of civil rights“ worked better), and aside qualitative. Flavoring.

In 1932 the decree “About Measures of Improvement of Public Catering“ is issued.

is Very short:

- he really declared transition from house to public catering

- it is declared reorganization of a public catering

- ensuring training

- the emphasis is placed on quality control - professional development, rejection introduction; improvement of material resources; providing with hot food, including

child care facilities - As soon as it became possible not only to rescue entering of a variety into the menu

from hunger as soon as means appeared - they were started up on food improvement of quality. Including tastes and improvement. For example, at the beginning of the become classical “Book about tasty and healthy food“ the principles of a balanced diet are reflected. Not especially contradicting modern views. Unless it is possible “to facilitate“ portions by amount of carbohydrates - considering that not really mobile way of life of the majority of us.

In 1934 the separate narcomat of the Food industry with Mikoyan at the head is formed. Before Anastas Ivanovich is the people`s commissar of trade and supply. Yes, at the beginning of 30 - x with supply not everything is good. Yet not everything, and is not wine of Mikoyan! It - that always differed in conscientiousness therefore was given so important assignments. Which tried to refuse … that usually did not pass. Refused - since with charged faced for the first time. Though food is related to supply, all the same it is too extensive sphere including the industry, trade, and partly agriculture.

Speaking about Mikoyan, usually remember his trip to the USA. Event indeed sign! But the USA is 1936, and Mikoyan at the head of the Food industry since 1934. And at the end of 1935, at All-Union meeting of Stakhanovites, he called: “… the only branch of Narkompishcheprom which goes not forward, and back …“. It is trade in vodka!

I the first combine of a frozen, favourite child of Mikoyan, built before business trip.

the Food industry was developed poorly. In fact, Mikoyan created that food industry that fed the country … and feeds now.

Will object that we “borrowed everything“? Yes! And what? And it is correct! In capitalist countries (and “cap“ there were all others …) crisis, and Bolsheviks buy the most different technologies.

Buy to let out everything! And socialist ideology and economy are in the country. And with bourgeoises - on - bourgeois, and Bolsheviks skillfully observe the benefit. business trip Mikoyan did not plan

of Tu. In August, 1936 it went to holiday. And suddenly Stalin suggested “to have a rest“ instead of the Crimea with the wife in the USA. Both Stalin, and Mikoyan - people of business, and quickly created group “pry -“ and “food - specialists“ - engineers and technologists.

is told About that trip much and it is not worth repeating. I will remind better that besides purely food affairs Mikoyan solved some other tasks. For example, met Henry Ford (at the initiative of Ford), Roosevelt and the Secretary of State Hal. With Hal Mikoyan had very cordial relations that helped when in 1943 the Secretary of State visited Moscow. I will not begin to list

once again made Mikoyan in a food industry. Practically all branches appeared or seriously developed at it.

it brought manufacturing techniques of semi-finished products. The idea of “fast cookery“ and fast - foot quite corresponded to a socialist view of “disposal of kitchen slavery“. And any ideological obstacles! In 1936 in the large cities booths with hamburgers appeared. There was a speech also about the cook - Coca, but it did not develop with raw materials. But brought the technology allowing to standardize production of drinks: the concentrate becomes centrally, and at plants - branches only spreads. It - to god, the Soviet lemonades did not concede to Coca!

Still borrowed production technologies of juice. Instead of American orange the main Soviet juice became tomato.

Brought new technology of bread baking at which workers had not even to touch bread.

the Canning industry was since imperial times. But now fish - available and cheaper helped to feed the country. It both canned food, and well-known fish day. Yes, it is possible not to love fish, it is possible to complain of stolovsky quality. But it is impossible to live without proteins - and fish here with interest replaces meat.

I of course, ice cream! Which “to Mikoyan is more important than communism“. These words are attributed to Stalin, sometimes replacing ice cream with cheese.

developed Food business comprehensively, from meat and dairy farms before trade in live fish. In the USA Mikoyan visited not only factories, but also public catering institutions; entered into the relations with businessmen. Coming back, in France it for a while joined group of the Soviet wine makers. The main goal was to improve manufacturing techniques of shapmpansky / sparkling wines.

of the Merit of Anastas Ivanovich were recognized by a set! The best for that confirmation - in war Mikoyan supervised supply (not only food) armies.

And still Mikoyan actively was engaged in advertizing. It was necessary to acquaint with a number of products of the Soviet consumers. Advanced fish, crabs, mayonnaise …

Development of a food industry is shrouded in legends / semi-jokes. They could be the truth - just such things do not fix in shorthand reports and protocols, and are transferred in memoirs. Seemingly Stalin suggested to sell live fish, beer and champagne; established reasonable price for sturgeon. And here, on Mikoyan`s memoirs, did not approve household refrigerators. The country is cold, and the people got used to do without refrigerators. Though load of the industry before war was the main thing here. Stalin preferred to

sweet wines and Mikoyan had to defend dry grades of champagne.

A when was required to advance fish - itself passed to it though always preferred meat. By the way, it, under certificates, had very modest tastes …

I one more semi-legend - a semi-joke. And maybe, truth.

at the beginning of 30 - x the people did not want to buy fish canned food in any way. And at the top level did a tremendous trick: at one of meetings (it seems at Congress) it was told how a certain gang takes out pearls from the USSR. What does it have to do with canned food? While, using dislike of citizens for fish canned food, the pearls are hidden in banks. And a jar with smuggling was right there opened, with demonstration of those pearls. The result is swept up to this day! with

A we, biting off cutlet or ice cream, we will remember the kind word of the actual founder of the present food industry …