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Than the poplar down is good?

the Neighbour - the car owner of whom the inability to constrain emotions is characteristic poured over me a bucket of verbal slops when distinguished a poplar in the tree planted by me. You should not have answered it, this person lives against phrases the dog barks - wind carries and the dog whose meat she ate » knows;. But to normal people it would be desirable to talk about poplar down.

I like change of seasons, and to you? Whether the first snow pleases you? And first grass? And snow in the first days of summer? whether

Are connected at you reminiscence of the first love with strange down feather-beds on roadsides of roads?

to me very much and very to liking changes in the nature which repeat every year, but every time with the features. I like in my memory characteristic traces of some days of an annual cycle. I remember what occurred when pushit a poplar when I was 7, 17 and 27 years old. At the sight of poplar down I can be transferred by feelings those years. Down - it is a time machine for sightseeing tours on destiny.

Who is able to live in unison with the soul, very much highly appreciates such temporary cut-offs. And fight against poplars for them is similar to fight with hours. Hours you know what harmful?! It is the terrible subject of use bringing to neurosises. And tick? Day and night on brains tuk - tuk, a tic - so! So let`s destroy everything hours! Do not agree? And agree with destruction of poplars?

Yes, female individuals of these trees citizens demand to clean from the cities and deputies promise. One of the measures leading to weakening of poplars and allegedly inability to fructify, that is to give down, - this kronirovaniye or rejuvenation. Saw how poplar behead, and then they let out young branches, first attractive by contrast with naked stumps of trunks? Over time these branches get fat and, being by nature fragile, break off and fall on cars and the heads. The poplar is dangerous if it was beheaded, and this act of vandalism was made almost over all poplars of the large cities. Trees at which did not scoff stand strongly and reliably hold enormous branches.

If to cut off a poplar, the down long will not be. And then it is possible to cut off again, the truth? there is no

, not the truth. The poplar perceives cutting as threat to the sort and answers it with mobilization vsez forces. It turns from a man`s plant in female to disseminate descendants a minute of hard times.; We think that cutting detained emergence of down, and it provoked its emergence. Old men assure what before poplars was very much and many, but napny it is less down. Because did not fight against down, needed it.

Not so well at us cotton that it was possible to do of it clothes grows. And the down of a poplar bears to cotton a strong resemblance. The truth of fiber is much shorter, it is inconvenient to spin. But it is possible to add poplar down to other thread, for example, to woolen. The prickly woolen thread packed into down isolation is pricked much less, the clothes become softer and it is in appearance more interesting.

Poplar down - it is cotton wool. Fighters covered with down of wound. The down created a thin layer which well absorbed an ichor and disinfected a wound. Especially it was pertinent on the burned sites where there is no skin. Now from synthetic materials create nonwoven fabric for wounds which is much worse, than the Poplar down cleared of scales and dry leaves

vazhes by

- it is white gunpowder. During the SECOND WORLD WAR many design offices were engaged in inventions of the new weapon and its production. Used ability of down to pass on themselves fire with a huge speed. It was possible just to set fire to a grass under a poplar, and the enemy arsenal would blow up)

at poplar down disappears Presently even an opportunity to cover bird`s nests because there are no birds in the cities per se any more. Instead of huge packs it is possible to meet certain birdies. Soon and they will not become.

The poplar cannot bring us any more any benefit because we to its offers are deaf. We are not treated by either bark of a poplar, or kidneys, or leaflets. We do not remember it neither at flu, nor at joint pains. Unique efficiency of a poplar as gas filter (44 kg of carbon dioxide a year, compare to a linden - 16 kg) do not interest even experts - gardeners. As the antinoise screen it too to very few people nuzhen7 Most often a poplar is mentioned in connection with allergies, with the old movie Three poplars on Plyushchikha and with the hammered radiator. Than we are sillier, we find that in an advantage poplar more harm less.

Situation is saved, as always, by art. It is possible to draw poplar down on velvet paper. Wool turns out as real. Over time pictures from poplar down do not become less, and people wait for this entertainment constantly. Darlings it is black - white muzzles are pleasing to the eye at exhibitions.

With down play kids. Teenagers who set fire are not considered. Little girls fill down of a kuklina of a matrasika. On a trifle swelled it is possible to use, and commercially as were going to make it during war, it is impossible to work with it. But we also do not need nothing large, it is rather successful to use the construction remains.