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Why women like men with sense of humour?

Ya it is sure, approximately percent seventy women include sense of humour in the list of the main male qualities. What that attractive in cheerful and witty men? Let`s understand.

The word “witty“ as we see, consists of two words: sharp and mind. Sharp mind - the directed mind. The person with a critical, but optimistic warehouse who is solving problems, but not going down stream. Decisions, of course, specific, but action is available. Silly cannot well joke. Fact. Thus, the woman has to choose subconsciously a strong male since practical mind which sign is wit, a basis of superiority expressed in a money equivalent today.

No. Something not that... You saw how at women eyes when they are happy burn and laugh? These are eyes of the woman in love. Women derive pleasure.

All know that jokes promote, to be exact, are, a source of production of endorphin - happiness hormone (quite wrong thesis, but is quite suitable for mass consumption). Perhaps, this banal and unconscious receiving pleasure attributed to the subject it creating and associated with it. Generally, easy form of dependence.

“Everything is so simple in a difficult human body?“ - you will tell. Mind, happiness, receiving pleasure - it is very ordinary also on a surface. Women, only reflect what you really would like from the man?

And you want reliability from the man, want to be with him absolutely safe, want to be sure that he will solve all your problems, you want to trust it and to believe in him.

Male wit gives illusion of trust. Let`s sort this unconscious effect in more detail, so to speak, we will penetrate into an essence of operation of this mechanism.

The woman, as well as any other representative of homo sapiens, quite critically treats all the fellows - as female, and male, especially man`s. Any man, in the opinion of the woman, is the potential deceiver.

Here it would be desirable to recede a little from the set subject and to tell a couple of words in protection of men. Yes, the man in 99,9% of cases deceives the woman. It is an honest truth and in a different way cannot be. Men deceive women, and women deceive men. Just we are sent to this world to solve absolutely different problems, but to exist in symbiosis, it is necessary to play sometimes by rules of each other, for receiving necessary results which will suit each representative of the homo sapiens.

And so, we will continue. When the man shows wit, and in common people - jokes, at women this protective mechanism directed to every second scanning and filtering of information proceeding from the man in its address is switched-off. It it is simple cannot soberly assess a situation any more, “the effect of the enemy“ disappears and before it there is just a person and just information which is perceived literally.

This process is in many respects similar to effect of alcohol. As alcohol disconnects the brain hemisphere responsible for rational thinking, and the humour does the same, relieving the person (woman) of sensation of fear, mistrust and continuous verification of the obtained information. The humour forces to see only merits of the subject, at all rejecting and not noticing negative. Here and there is a trust. And together with it confidence in tomorrow.

So, from all aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that it is not important what of male qualities need to possess, whether it be sense of humour, a beefy biceps or existence of money (and everything is better at once) to draw to itself attention of the woman. The main thing that it (quality) caused trust. And on beautiful attractive faces only young children, with not created female priorities are conducted. Though the beautiful attractive face superfluous will not be.