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What soap operas to watch since August? “Casanova“, “Be afraid of walking dead persons“

Summer this year unusual was given, you see. The August which is a match for it prepared not less unusual novelties of series for all serialoman.

“Casanova“ (“Casanova“)

Is always interesting to get acquainted with each new screen version of history of the great seducer of all times Giacomo Casanova. His name became nominal, its love affairs and love to carnal pleasures inspired not one generation of women.

Series counter. the New project of Amazon Prime Instant Video channel starting on August 7 - again about Casanova. It both big plus of the project, and its big minus. Plus because Casanova`s subject will always cause interest in the viewer. We perceive minus because for years of active use of an image of Casanova in theater, the cinema and on television at the majority of us created the screen image of the great ladies` man, and each new execution as infringement of sacred.

Series plot. Giacomo Casanova`s History, I think, does not need retelling. However creators of series found one more secret passion in this thin sensual nature: he very much loved espionage and was engaged in it with ecstasy and pleasure.

We meet Casanova that moment when Giacomo is behind bars and remembers the sweet former adventures. The prison gives it chance to rethink the not righteous life and to begin new. Giacomo makes the decision to run and begin new life outside Venice. But it is possible to flee Venice, and you will not escape from yourself as you will not escape also from the habits. Casanova appears in brilliant Paris where, not in forces to recede before old habits, Casanova will begin to spy in favor of the French state and together with creators of series will slightly open to us many interesting details all of the known historical events.

Familiar faces. the First that should be told - as Casanova the tremendous Mexican actor of Diego Long, incredibly charismatic and very beautiful, with the brilliant tempting look of the real lady`s man acted. Diego Long it is known to us according to the movie “And Your Mother Too“ in which he played together with the friend Gael Garcia Bernal for what they were marked out at the Venice festival of 2001 by Marcello Mastroianni`s prize. After this role to the guy the success of the international level came. Besides, admirers of melodramas saw it in the sequel of a hit “Dirty Dances“.

The director of the project is Jean - Pierre Jione who presented us “Amelie“. It is thought, it is the best recommendation to this project.

should be looked, certainly. “Be afraid of walking dead persons“ (“Fear the Walking Dead“)

on August 23 the AMC channel presented a gift to all admirers of series “Walking Dead Persons“ - to TV screens there were series “Be Afraid of Walking Dead Persons“.

Series counter. waited for This premiere, and it stands to win as the army of admirers of original series will definitely not lose sight of it. However backs - off the destiny of series “Most ancient“, backs - an off of “The Vampire Diaries“ which hardly - hardly support the ratings in situation slightly above a plinth can comprehend “Walking dead persons“.

Series plot. We will see the same epidemic and the zombie - an apocalypse, but not in Atlanta any more, and in Los - Andzheles against magnificent mansions of Beverley - Hillz. The plot turns around the fact that the main characters at first do not trust in the events, and then face severe reality, having buried several tens fellow countrymen as a result of the doubts.

The main character Maddison Tomkins, for example, so believes in power of the government of America which will surely warn, will protect and will rescue that there will be many death before life convinces her of the return.

But creators of series promise that the viewer in series will practically not see directly walking dead persons or the zombie. Shouranner of series Eriksson Dave reported that the main difference of series from the original will be that dead persons here politically correct will begin to call “infected“ and generally will concentrate on display of a psychological state of people in the conditions of the approaching epidemic.

Familiar faces. Adam Davidson who received the Golden Palm for a short film “Appointment at breakfast“ and Canadian Carry Skogland who removed “Borgia“ and “Vikings“ is engaged in Shootings.

In roles we will see Cliff Curtis (“Die Hard 4. 0“), Kym Dickens (“House of cards“), Alicia Debnem - Carey from “Hundred“ and Ruben Blades from “Confidential materials“.

Categorically I recommend a novelty to all admirers of “Walking dead persons“.

However, there is more to come novelties of August. Do not switch!