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the Microsoft Company provided the participant of the Windows Insider program access to new assembly of the test Windows version of 10 Mobile. It carries number 10512, and its screenshots flowed away in a network earlier.

What new is in Windows 10 Mobile with number 10512:

- General improvements, and also increase in stability of work and productivity.

- can establish Now the image on the page of blocking and the home screen directly from the Photos appendix.

- Is corrected a problem, from - behind which the applications installed on a memory card ceased to be started.

- Is improved support of the Latvian and Chinese languages.

- Is increased reliability of notices from the Data Sense appendix (calculation mobile the Internet - a traffic).

- the error which interfered with start of a chamber at the blocked screen Is corrected.

- the error Is corrected, from - for which notices of the entering text messages sometimes did not come.

- the error Is corrected, from - behind which on some devices after completion of conversation the screen did not perceive pressing.

- the error Is corrected, from - behind which some folders were blocked by the text.

Known mistakes and defects:

- In this assembly the mobile point of access does not work (tetering). In attempt to share the Internet of a cellular network through Wi - Fi with other devices they will not receive the valid IP address and will not be able to get access to a network.

- In this assembly two-factor authentication of the account of Microsoft does not work with use of a phone number. If you dump phone to factory settings and will try to log in in the account, on the page of authentication you will not be able to enter more than two symbols and, as a result, successfully pass validation. The problem can be solved use of two-factor authentication by means of the e-mail address to which your account is attached by Microsoft.

- Some models carry too long out migration of content after updating installation. Just have patience and wait until migration is complete.

- The appendices using background reproduction of music (Groove, Podcast, Pandora and so on) will finish work with a mistake after receiving updating from app store. The problem is solved by reset of the device.

- On some devices with a large number of the live tiles placed on the starting screen the message of “Loading“ appears and more nothing occurs. In this case the device should be rolled away back to Windows Phone 8. 1, using the Windows Phone Recovery Tool program.

- In this assembly the Cinema and TV appendix is disabled (reproduction of video is broken now).

The previous assembly of Windows 10 Mobile (10166) was released approximately a month ago. The head of the program of testing of Windows Insider Gabriel Aul wrote that further assemblies of Windows of 10 Mobile will come out much more often. New functions will temporarily not be added to them as specialists of Microsoft will concentrate efforts on increasing stability of work of system. The Microsoft company still does not report when official release of Windows of 10 Mobile takes place.

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