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Consequences of scoliosis

Scoliosis in medical language is called the pathological lateral curvature of a spine column. Distinguish scoliosis congenital and acquired. Congenital scoliosis meets rather seldom. Much more in medical practice the scoliosis acquired meets more often. In all cases of the acquired scoliosis it rather easily will respond to correction and treatment.

Most often scoliosis develops at children. It is connected with many factors. First of all rapid growth and development of a children`s organism forms a basis for development of scoliosis. Rather often various bodies and systems do not manage to develop after the neighbors. In this case the most favorable situation for development of scoliosis is created. Most often it occurs at rather rapid development of bone structure. Myshechno - the copular device at the same time lags behind in the development. It causes disproportion of loads of a spine column and the backbone curvature is formed.

Possible complications at pathology of chest department affect by

of the Consequence of scoliosis practically all systems of an organism. The reasons leading to formation of complications of lateral deformation of a backbone:

Infringement of spinal nerves;

of Violation of blood supply in a spine column;

Shift of internals;

Deformation of a thorax;

Change of a metabolism;

Secondary pathology of other bodies.

What systems suffer at deformations of a spine column:





At sheyno - chest or chest scoliosis 2 - 4 degrees is formed heart and pulmonary failure from - for deformations of a thorax. Costal shoots are fixed to chest vertebras therefore at a curvature of this department of a backbone the shift of edges is observed. In such situation respiratory insufficiency with reduction of excursion and vital capacity of lungs appears.

Heart pathology against a lateral curvature of a backbone is followed by the reduced functionality of the right departments of heart from - for sdavleniye the deformed thorax and violations of blood supply in lungs of bodies of a thorax.

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