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From the pilgrim`s notes. Abkhazia.

returned from Abkhazia Recently. Where spent 10 remarkable days. Waved according to the proposal of children on a car from Belgorod there. About days in way with small stops on gas station of a car and. The hotel was reserved in Gudauta.

Abkhazia - country of contrasts. On the one hand fine nature, clean sea, air, infused on herbs, tasty food, fine wine, darling,s sympathetic people. With another 1992 - 93 of the house, thrown, dilapidated in war, hotels, office buildings not well-groomed parks, beaches, embankments, the grassed stadiums.

As we were at a car, could get acquainted with sights and beauty of the republic to the maximum. Gudauta, New Athos, Sukhumi, Gagra, Pitsunda. The Sukhumi Botanical garden, Beer factory, It is new - the Athos monastery, a cave, Simon the Zealot`s grotto, Rits`s lake, Mza`s lake, Stalin`s dacha, Gegsky falls, Gudautsky winery, the Blue lake, a box grove of Pitsunda, the tea factory in Duripshe is not all list where visited and that was seen.

The sea is the purest, the truth the beach pebble (in Gudauta) but it is not critical. In Pitsunda drove on the water scooter and a pancake. Encouraged. Hired bicycles since at us in Gudauta, any hire was absent.

Abkhazian cuisine fine. In Gudauta were constantly fed in 3kh the checked points. Breakfast - in our hotel 200re it is very dense, a lunch in the dining room No. (if were in Gudauta) 300 - 400 rub with 50gr. cognac, a dinner in a cafe on the embankment with shish kebabs, khachapuri and wine, within 500 - 600 re. Shish kebabs, khachapuri. meat on - is Abkhazian, gudautsky dry wine, coffee on east - it that what so is not enough now. And here fruit it is necessary to tell did not eat too much. re I can and buy apricots on 130 - 150 in the north. Water-melons, melons too not free.

It should be noted that before a trip I read at various forums of horror stories about a public catering in Abkhazia that from a table the people hardly managed to reach a nuzhnik and poor fellows stomachs all holiday suffered. At us in this plan to the Abkhazian public catering of claims any. Can because hands were washed. Tasty, qualitatively, cheap. The truth in New Athos have a dinner in one eatery not so tasty, but without the burdening consequences.

So that about rest only good memories. Well and the wine packaged with themselves, honey, nuts, teas, seasonings will remind of this warm, beautiful, hospitable country for a long time.

Summarizing: By all means visit Rits`s Lake, It is new - Athos caves, the Blue lake, the Honey yard, drink « beer; Sukhumi Gudautsky « wines; Pilgrim New Athos Isabella « cognac; Bzou eat a shish kebab, meat on - it is Abkhazian, khachapuri and honey. Where that so.