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As keep the long relations with the man of

In the relation with the beloved everything cannot constantly be beautiful and smooth. Sooner or later there are vzdor, misunderstanding and scandals. We are guilty of the majority of those cases, women. To avoid all these troubles, it is necessary to acquire for itself certain rules. Honore de Balzac told

“To reach the purpose, it is necessary to go first of all“. In this problem, the purpose is long relations with the man and that it is necessary to reach it just to work on itself, the mistakes and shortcomings.

I so, the first of great mistakes which are made by the woman in relation to the man is restriction of freedom. It is not pleasant to the man when behind him the constant control is conducted, he cannot quietly sigh, constants “that is impossible, other is impossible“. It besides us has also other interests, he wants to stay with friends, to relax. You should not control its each step, nothing good from it will turn out. You only push away him from yourself.

the Second mistake is a jealousy, often she is without cause. It very much angers the man and gets. The jealousy at us arises when we are afraid to lose darling and his attention. From - for jealousy the woman becomes the not, constant hysterics, shouts of which the man wants to get rid.

the Third mistake is desire to change the man. The woman falls in love with such man who he is, and over time tries to find his faults and to change them. It is useless. How many the woman would not try, at first it for a while can and will change, but not for a long time. It because he grew up and developed under the influence of one people, and here sharply to him try to claim that it is NOT SUCH. If the woman already fell in love with it it, with all its shortcomings, then let will be kind to accept it it what it is.

One more serious mistake concerning the woman to the man is constants of discontent and reproaches. Men are very much touched by constant reproaches. If the woman wants to state something, then it is possible to make it in a soft form. It is necessary to make a compromise more often even if the man is not right. It is necessary to reflect before something to speak.

of Illusion - very widespread mistake. The woman often at the beginning of the relations plans a certain fairy tale and when further something goes not according to its fictional plan, disagreements begin. All this could be avoided if the woman estimated the real person, but did not play with illusions.

One more important mistake is the fact that the woman wants to dominate over the man. It is WRONG. In the relations the man has to be the main thing. He has to make serious decisions, to be a support for the woman.

I finally should not excluding such mistake as avoiding of intimate proximity. Excuses that the woman is hurt by the head or something other, it is so ridiculous. The man needs to relax after difficult day. Do not allow it to look for to you replacement for this purpose.

as a result can be told to keep the relations with the man it is necessary to put a lot of effort, to work constantly on itself, without being interrupted. It is not necessary to look for different excuses, even when it is very difficult, life one and the fact that we can miss today, will not repeat tomorrow!