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In what games it is possible to play with children on the way home?

What to hide, for occupations with children at modern parents remains less and less time. Work takes away the most part of day, exhausting so that it is necessary - to reach by the main desire a sofa and to turn on the TV.

No wonder that the very first children`s toy at a malyshna of 21 centuries - the tablet or the smartphone. Without being able to read still, many of them surely press the buttons to find familiar symbols on the display of mobile “parent“. Badly it or is good - difficult to tell. Develops - unambiguously, and here does not give attention and heat. And the little man first of all needs communication with the father and mother.

And that is interesting: often, evading from occupations with children, we, adults, nevertheless we find time for long phone conversations, discussing a new dress or purchase of an abrupt car. Communication with the child is reduced to: “Look that I bought you“. The next toy from McDonald`s in several seconds flies to a basket. - to see precious time how own child develops, it is missed irrevocably.

As to combine communication with children with an eternal lack of time? Games in which it is possible to play with the child on the way to kindergarten, shop, policlinic, on walk come to the rescue. It will be at the same time both entertainment, and training. Generally of course - verbal games if the child already knows the alphabet.

It is possible to suggest it to think up words on the set letter or to play “The lost letter“ in which the preschool child has to call quickly any word, without using such symbol. If was mistaken, game process joins the adult. Only it should be taken into account - sometimes it is necessary to give and beat himself.

Perfectly proved in such entertaining training and “suitcase“. The fascinating and simple entertainment consisting of a verbal chain. For example: “I take a suitcase and I put there...“ The technique purpose - to remember as much as possible information from a chain. You in turn add by one word, but since the beginning: “I take a suitcase and I put socks there...“. Then the kid continues, adding the article of clothing. The chain is longer, the it is more difficult to remember it. This game perfectly develops memory and thinking.

“Otgadayka“ - in this case you think, and the daughter or the son on leading questions which it is necessary to answer in monosyllables “yes“ or “no“, tries to guess. If to children it is difficult, simplify a task, having given the hint from what subject the thought word: animal, things, cities.

Of course, similar entertainments - generally for children of the advanced preschool age and how to play with kids, will ask some.

For children of 2 - 3 years all is better - to carry out such entertainments with evident material. On the road home it is more often to carry on talk and to ask the baby that he sees. Let the kid answer questions: that it, what or what. For an example: the car - big, a lodge - small, a water-melon - round, a camomile - white.

Thus, even these unforgettable 10-15 minutes of game will help not only to development of the speech and mental capacities of the child, but also will make happy both him, and you.