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For what men adore hysteric women?

Subjugators of female hearts divide the weaker sex into several categories. It is possible to describe them colourfully and plausibly, but now it is about hysteric women or, being scientifically expressed, theatrical women. This category of women enjoys popularity at businessmen, reserved workaholics and cold pragmatists. The first category of men of the hysteric woman help to spend unnecessary money, the second - to splash out reserved emotions, the third - to awaken spontaneity and uncontrollable excitement. Other women can only envy glory of uncontrollable hysteric women who zapoluchat the best men. So, for what men love theatrical women?

For spontaneous reactions and actions

Hysteria is shown through demonstration of external data, defiant behavior and spontaneous reactions. When the listed characteristics are combined with female sexuality, the man gets to a state of shock: excitement, surprise and confusion. Especially brightly listed reactions are shown at reserved men who reflect and dream, but do not pass to actions. The woman with hysterical character provokes awakening of animal instincts at men. But man`s reactions cannot be generalized. Theatrical women usually cause interest in the closed and diffident men, but frighten off the “machoes“ succeeding in a seducing. The first category perceives spontaneous female reactions as incentive to action, and the second - as threat for a personal liberty.

For emotional splashes

Female emotionality is capable to attract even the heartless male. Paradoxically, but stale and cold blooded men most often respond to female indignation, delight, pleasure, grief and tears. Rough emotions create invisible aura around the personality radiating them. The emotional woman unconsciously asks about protection against the man, in the heat of passion it remains defenseless in the outside world. Rough manifestation of emotions is identified sometimes with sincerity that attracts straightforward, artless and business men. They are not capable to find any complexes or offenses in the depth of female soul, but well notice external manifestations which cause sympathy.

For unconscious need for the strong man

Sensory perception of world around does the woman of a hysterical warehouse vulnerable to any stressful factors. The creative woman is aimed at self-disclosure, but not at protection of the inner world. Such presentation of literally attracts strong and wealthy men. The union of absolutely unlike persons keeps on satisfaction of two requirements: female - to be in safety, man`s - to protect. From outside, apparently, what the successful businessman buys the bright woman who will serve as beautiful ornament on public actions. The look of the inhabitant notices someone else`s money and glory, but loses sight of psychological requirements which attract unlike people.

The complexity muzhsko - the female relations is caused not only a variety of characters, but also silly attempts to imitate “the best man“ or “the most beautiful woman“. It is possible to console infinitely itself in illusions, but it is better to look narrowly at the real man or the real woman.