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Whether it is possible to operate living beings by power of reason?

Neuroscience today and tomorrow.

Whether it is possible to operate living beings by power of reason? Over this question the mankind bjtsya all the history. How many would decide problems if such method of management became available. It is clear, that mental management has to be used only in the good purposes. Otherwise the civilization will cease to exist. Because imaginations at people not always civilized and humanitarian. The object operated from the outside can lose self-checking. Military events and technogenic accidents to that tragic example. The modern neuroscience approached the solution of a question closely and already has scientifically - applied results. Certainly, for avoidance of undesirable consequences, remote control of live objects is in hands only of scientific today - humane, progressoriyentirovanny and zhiznesberegayushchy. The other day in Moscow the cybercockroach appeared. The presented neurotechnological sensation is a live embodiment of science in practice. Her young technologists carried out. On August 20 in the Moscow institute of technology the press conference took place: “Start of the kruzhkovy movement in the field of neurotechnologies“. It is dated for carrying out by the Moscow institute of technology and Youth society of neurotechnologists (MONT) in partnership with the Ministry of science and education of the Russian Federation of innovative summer school for children and teenagers.

As speakers, scientific and ideological inspirers acted: Evgeny Vladimirovich Pluzhnik is the First vice rector of the Moscow Institute of Technology (MIT), the CEO of Moscow Business School, Doctor of Business Administration; Alexey Nikolaevich Pletenets is the Head of the School of Young Neurotechnologists (SYN); Vitaly Lvovich Dunin - Barkovsky - the Head of department of the neuroinformation scientist of the Center optics - neural technologies of scientific research institute of system researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Ksenia Solovyova is a coordinator of Youth society of neurotechnologists (MONT); Vladimir Konyshev is the CEO of the Neyrobotiks company.

The school of young neurotechnologists is the educational project directed to involvement of school students to researches in the field of various humanities, and in particular, neurotechnologies. The school is brought in the list of the main projects according to the offer of Agency of strategic initiatives “New model of additional education“. Teachers of School - professor of the Center optics - neural technologies of scientific research institute of system researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaly Dunin - Barkovsky, experts - practicians from MFTI and MSU, and also the teacher from Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, Lucie Odzhomoko.

The first vice rector of the Moscow institute of technology Evgeny Pluzhnik highly appreciated the importance of cooperation of MTI and MONT: - The neuroscience is one of the most perspective areas for researches in global space. Youth society of neurotechnologists will allow to unite three key components without which the success is impossible: the school students and students who are interested in neurosciences, the existing experts in the field and potential investors. It is sure, already shortly we will become witnesses of serious breaks in the field of neurotechnologies. It will lead to emergence of strong competitive Russian projects in the world market which volume will reach 100 billion dollars soon.

Neuroscience - branch not new, but expecting the triumph in the future. She studies the structure of nervous system, analyzes work of a brain, looks for options of work and reserves of a brain in izmenny conditions. Neurotechnologists create the devices capable to distinguish thoughts, motives, thoughts and also work on association of live and lifeless matter in a whole. This direction extremely perespektivny. It will help to prolong life of the damaged matter and to replace it with highly technological artificial. Takes the breath away from prospects and, of course, the hope remains that all created technologies will be used only in the peace purposes, for the sake of rescue of life and multiplication of its reserves. Fantastic thrillers show today parascientific horrors in which people are replaced with the monsters destroying everything on the way. Let it will remain only in thrillers. Life and without them rather fragile and vulnerable. Within 5 days pupils otkrysheysya schools will study developments in the field of neurotechnologies and robotics. Children will be told about features of work of a brain and will show work of a pneumohand of the robot. At the end of occupations young scientists will learn to create the real cockroaches - cyborgs. To control the movement and behavior of insects school students will be able only “by force of thought“. There is a wish, to add that any animal during experiment did not suffer though the attitude towards cockroaches at people dual. But the high mission of neuroscience also consists in it - it has to consider dualism of opinions, but to serve at the same time only for the good of the person. And a cockroach, of course, because cockroaches appeared on the planet before the person and will be able to tell a lot of things. When the neuroscience to learn to take information from consciousness. Certainly, too only with good intentions.