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Kallistefus of

I devote to my Father

- Monsieur Cassini, monsieur Cassini, your coffee is ready! Your coffee … Oh, My God! the little tidy old woman delivered to

a tray on a chair and threw up the hands. Brown tapes of its cap ridiculously jumped up.

- Monsieur Cassini! Ah, Henry, well is impossible so! Your father would see you now. It is good that he lives not with us. It is a shame!

On a table, having put the head on hands, the low, greyish person slept. In an office there was a dense sour smell of flowers, chemicals, the earth and a dead air. It seemed that ancient portraits on walls, and those discontentedly wrinkled noses.

the Servant cracked a window. Crude autumn air rushed into the room.

- Marta, thanks. I, apparently, unintentionally dozed off.

- is unintentional! He considers that it is unintentional. Ah, monsieur Henry, you forgive the old woman, but I nursed you. How I in the next world will look in eyes to your mother, upoky, My God, I smother her? She will tell me and will be right: “March, I charged to your cares of the son because you know him from the bottle up. And so - that you pay me for trust?“ Here what she will tell me, monsieur Cassini, and I will be burned in the next world with shame!

of March brushed away a tear, and put a cup on a table.

- And I swore to execute her will, the world to its ashes. Till the most that time until you deign to marry. Yes! And you about it, I look, even you do not reflect. Look what you brought yourself to! It is a sin, a great sin, monsieur Cassini!

- Marta, calm down. I promise you, it will not repeat any more. I worked.

the Servant with advantage straightened apron frills.

- the Monsignor, you, of course, can speak anything. But I grew up in your house, my mother served still your grandfather, and I to your father, and all of them were astronomers. And me, which - that is known of their work. Of course, happened so that they sat up at night and looked in these tubes at stars. How many time to me was necessary to fray in them glasses. But never any astronomer Cassini, neither your father, nor the grandfather, nor the great-grandfather dared to fall asleep behind a desktop or to pass lunch time. Stars stars, they will not escape anywhere, and there has to be an order! During the lunchtime soup and roast, at night - starched linen! And so has to be always!

- Ah, Marta what I without you would do?! - Cassini laughed heartily.

- Laugh, laugh, monsieur Henry. And I will tell you, the right, a sin to laugh at the old woman who still the baby remembers you!

- Well, forgive, native, I will not be any more!

- Henry, my boy! You scientific, same astronomer as your ancestors. What you still want? You are already not so young. What do you potter with these flowers? If you gave them to someone or at least guessed on them about love, I would be glad. But you only cut them, dig over, consider in a pipe as stars.

- Marta, wait! Do not say what you do not know. Look at these flowers. - Cassini brought to a window a vstrepanny bluish flower with yellow core. - Look, its petals are similar to star beams.

of March askance looked at the owner and sighed:

- I do not know, monsieur Henry. On me, so than a violet and a rose it is better. And it is even better kids in the house. Eyes at them more brightly than any stars shine. Forgive me, and I ask the Saint Maiden to present every night me the last pleasure and to nurse with your children. Cassini`s

turned away.

- is good, Marta. I, perhaps, will walk. the Servant corrected for

a gray-haired curl and carefully left the room. Cassini has a look it following and for the first time noticed how her gait became heavy, shoulders senile were curved.

- What to prepare for a lunch, monsieur Cassini? - the servant called.

Scientific was a pity for it.

- Anything, Marta. You know that I madly love your cooking.

- is fine, - the servant grumbled, and her cheeks turned pink. - Take an umbrella. There will be a rain. At me aches a back.

- Ah, Marta if the family tradition did not oblige me to become the astronomer, I surely would begin to forecast the weather on your back.

- All of you joke, monsieur Henry. I hope, the Saint Maiden will take pity on us and will send you a little common sense.

- I too strongly count on it, Mart. Wait by a lunch. Cassini`s

threw with a raincoat and went outside.

Stood remarkable days of early fall when air as if soft palms nestled on the person and pleasantly cooled it. From a damp paved pavement, dead leaves whitish steam and from it objects rose, houses and even Seine seemed unusually easy as if purposely cut out from a piece of ancient Bruxelles laces. Cassini`s

went down to the river. Seine deafly fought in embankment stones. Color of water was gently - gray, without summer blue, but without metal shade which promises fast winter.

At Cassini suddenly strongly began to knock in temples. Sleepless night had an effect.

“As nevertheless to achieve deeper coloring of flowers? There has to be a new sort. I feel it“, - he thought.

Henri Gabriel Cassini was engaged many years in selection and studying of plants. This occupation was not less attractive at all, than science about celestial bodies to which all representatives of a worthy family of Cassini devoted the life and which it, Henri Gabriel, paid a tribute in youth too.

“March, apparently, rights, - the scientist grinned, rubbing the cold hands. - My nice ancestors, to put it mildly, would not understand me. It is far more noble to observe the movement of pure stars in the sky, than to dig in the earth and to calculate stamens“. Cassini`s

remembered family portraits in the darkened carved frames. Time erased age distinctions between them, and now the father, the grandfather and the great-grandfather on portraits seemed twins in the identical powdered wigs. Only the great-great-grandfather, the distinguished Italian Giovanni Cassini, the ancestor of a dynasty, differed from them. Henry - to Gabriel seemed that he only who can understand it. The great-great-grandfather went behind dream too, having forever connected life and destiny with astronomy and France.

- Henry, - called to him. - Here you where! Cassini`s

turned back. Near it there was a thin woman in a lilac raincoat and a veil.

- Iren, - he exhaled, and felt how blood slowly and hard hits against heart. - At last.

the Woman smiled. At the bottom of her dark eyes, flashed, being reflected, red cheerful leaves.

- I did not see you already whole eternity, Iren, - Cassini spoke. - You became even more charming.

the Woman quietly burst out laughing.

- So, who is guilty of it? You were locked at yourself in an office, study stars, or these your stamens, and absolutely forgot about me.

- No that you! - Cassini seized her a small firm hand. - I worked, Iren, but for a second did not forget about you.

- Really? - coquettishly the woman stretched. Really the famous scientist condescended to me, unfortunate, and found to me the place among the asterisks, pestles and small insects? Ah, Henry, seems to me, we will never get married. I will grow old before I go to the altar.

- Iren, dear I ask you, you do not speak, do not speak so. Remained very little. The flower which I try to receive will be unusual. It will be same radiant as your eyes.

- You still tell that it will radiate light.

- You do not trust me. Well. Listen. An aster - a flower unusual. Not for nothing it was so called for similarity to a star. Its petals so narrow that only the blind person will not notice in them star beams.

Seeds it was brought from China by a certain abbot Inkervil, &ndash hundred years ago; Cassini confusedly, &ndash continued; gave to the court botanist and that grew up the whole field of these flowers in Trianona. They were called then queens of daisies for a yellow circle in the middle.

- Henry, it, of course, is very interesting, but I would be glad also to simple violets if only they decorated my wedding dress.

- Iren, your dress will be decorated with asters! It will be star, your dress because the grade which I will receive will have no yellow middle and small petals. This flower will be large and bright as the most beautiful stars. Wait a little more. Marta waits too will not wait when he is able to serve to our wedding table the well-known duck with apples.

- In my opinion, all wait for Henry, only not you will not wait for our wedding. the Woman corrected for

a veil and quickly went along the embankment. Cassini caught up with it, told something, but she only chilly moved shoulders and hid hands in raincoat folds.

“I will receive this flower, by all means. - Cassini on the way home thought. - Iren loves me, she will wait, remained very little.

Passed three months. Ice grain, without ceasing, poured from the high gloomy sky. It seemed, at home, the river and statues in parks shrank and went goosy. Laundresses in warm scarfs removed zadubevshy linen from ropes and long blew on the turned blue palms. To Paris the winter slowly but surely entered. Cassini`s

steeped in work. Marta in a shchelochka with fear watched the thin scientist. Cassini`s face became gray, under eyes dark circles, and a mouth, already narrow did not descend long ago, reminded a knife blade. Cassini to pain squeezed lips when the next flower perished.

It almost did not seem Iren. Only sent short notes with Marta: “I love. Remained very little. By all means we will get married by spring“. Marta sighed, hid notes in a pocket of an apron and shook the head. Iren`s

wrote the same as spoke. Cassini ran a look fragrant sheets of paper and before it as if arose two Iren. One - live, warm with small firm hands and a gentle bright mouth. Another - as if shrouded in lacy fog of Seine, its incorrect breath. What of them was Iren real, Cassini did not know, but felt that heart painfully grew to both. He drove thought of it and again directed to test tubes and pots, microscopes and magnifying glasses. Cassini`s

did not remember day when once in a flowerpot, among thin leaves, he made out the wrinkled bud cam. Something slightly pushed it in a breast and slowly rose to temples.

“Here, at last, - he understood. - Came true“. Cassini`s

lost rest at all. Marta was afraid even to speak, only, silently, put a tray with food on a table and quickly left, having hung the head. Once she nevertheless asked:

- Monsieur Henry and what he will be?

- I do not know, Mart, I would like that he had a beautiful color.

- How at a star? - the servant grinned.

- Yes.

In a week a bud was unclenched, and from it appeared darkly - the blue petals similar to small sharp arrows.

- the Flower - a star, - Cassini whispered. - Aster fine.

- It seems to me, monsieur Henry, he even shines, - delightfully the servant spoke.

- Iren has to see It. At last, we waited. Call to me crew, Mart. I go to it.

- Monsieur Cassini, - the servant faltered.

- What, Marta?

- You do not know. Iren married a week ago and went with the husband to Italy. You want to know for whom?

- No, - quietly the scientist answered.

the Servant, having hesitated, pulled out a shabby sheet of paper from a breast pocket. From it poorly smelled of Iren`s spirits.

“I did not deceive, I waited for you, - Cassini read close lines. - But why to you what you will not value? You always loved flowers and stars, Henry. And I am only a woman, the living woman. I do not have the place among them. Forgive me, I loved you as was able. And farewell“.

of March looked at the scientist with great concern. Then carefully touched it for a sleeve.

- Monsieur Henry, maybe, you want something?

- Yes. Open a window, Mart, and bring, please, coffee.

the Servant began to mince, on the run dawning on herself a sign of the cross. When it entered again, Cassini was by the open window. In it alone and surely the star shone. Its beams derisively winked at a flower on a table, and that proudly straightened sharp blue petals.

- Monsieur Henry, he is beautiful, - the servant whispered. - Be I on the place of your scientists, I would call this aster by your name. You gave it everything and remained one.

- No, Marta. To everyone - the. Iren is right. It was a star, cheerful and bright. From this star the mote incidentally fell and fell of me into hands, and I grew up a flower from this mote. That`s all. Well you cry again?

- Forgive me, monsieur Henry, I so hoped … Cassini`s

were slowly taken a sip by frosty air. Aster petals slightly trembled as if she whispered to the heavenly namesake and that blinked it in reply enough.

* * * is For certain unknown to

whether the new sort of asters was so open. But, maybe, in our world slightly increased happiness, because that there lived in it once the astronomer and the biologist Aleksander Henri Gabriel Cassini, the last from a family of astronomers of Cassini, and the first, presented us a thin smile of fall - an aster - kallistefus, an aster fine.