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How to cause love to school objects in the child?

What sciences are pleasant to your child more - exact or humanitarian? Or perhaps it has abilities both to those, and to others? If you do not know what to answer, make small experiment. Give to the child two entertaining books: one - about mathematics, and another - about literature.

Best of all novelties of publishing house “A manna will be suitable for these purposes, Ivanov and Ferber“ - an album “Literary Dudla“ and a notebook “Mathematics - it is beautiful“. In both you will meet non-standard approach to habitual school disciplines which not only will help the child with self-determination, but also will cause interest in study.

“Literary dudla“

the English word doodle are meant by a hyphen, a flourish, senseless drawing, a spontaneous scribble. It is style of graphics for creativity and self-expression.

It is possible to draw pencils, handles, felt-tip pens and paints. It is possible from dudla to do the whole art beeches of notebooks, pasting cuttings from magazines, making out buttons, spangles and natural materials.

From this the child learns books about such famous writers as Jane Austen, Lev Tolstoy, William Shakespeare, Lewis Carrol, Rudyard Kipling and many others.

But the main thing in an album not of the biography, and page for creativity. On them it is possible to draw a hat for Romeo and to compose Giuliette`s serenade.

And still to decorate Anna Karenina`s dress, to present how the Wonderland looks, to overcome the impassable jungle, to pack things for voyage, to study Geklberri Fynn`s card.

And still it is possible to play with the book. In it games on the logic and puzzles connected with literary works are collected. With this book your child will make a fascinating trip on a literary world, will connect imagination and will show creative abilities.

By the way, for inspiration it is possible to make out sketches and scribbles (dudla) of great writers which they did in the manuscripts.

“Mathematics - it is beautiful“

This book is capable to bewitch even those who were never on friendly terms with numbers and schedules. It appears, between mathematics and the fine arts much in common! The child will be convinced of it when is able to create delightful patterns from points on axes of coordinates, to draw a flower by means of compasses and to solve mathematical puzzles - puzzles.

Look! Here the shaking camomile from circles:

And it is excellent idea how to create an abstract picture by means of a mathematical puzzle:

All these tasks will carry away your child for a long time, and at the same time will acquaint with some mathematical terms, will help to develop analytical skills and imagination.

Both books are designed for children from eight to twelve years. They are so interesting that your child with pleasure will read them and to perform tasks till several hours in a row. And then - to surprise with the knowledge school teachers.

On materials of books “Mathematics - It Is Beautiful!“ of Anna Veltman and “Literary dudla“ of Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver.