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How the warming up of an organism helps health without tablets?

Deterioration in health with whatever it an illness was connected, this consequence of weakening of blood circulation in the field of sick body, local stagnation. It is fair for the majority of vitals of the person: hearts, extremities, lungs, joints. Tablets and injections which in case of correctly diagnosed illness are recommended by the diplomaed doctors, in fact, dilute blood, increasing its stream on arteries. It is most in large quantities the practiced type of improvement - consumption of tablets. And nevertheless, it is not the most effective way, I do not say any more that the cost of tablets constantly increases, and almost all from them have a side effect. On the other hand, it is possible to organize self-defense of an organism by simpler and more effective method. It is about a sauna or - in a general sense - about bathing procedures, a sweating room, with strong heating of air and, as a result, temperature increase of a human body.

the Main factor of improvement in this situation is a blood exchange in an organism. Moving on arteries, capillaries blood current in passing also clears them: delivering food to cages and taking away the become obsolete cages and toxins to the course. So there is also a food of sick fabrics, the movement of liquids including kroveobmen, in an organism, that is treatment is restored. It occurs by means of the main heatexchange function of skin - to perceive surrounding temperature. Thermoreceptors as a part of skin instantly react to heat: transferring excitement to a brain. In response to a heat the brain reacts expansion of vessels. So microscopic nervous fibrils force to extend capillaries under the influence of heat. On them blood to extremities arrives quicker. The rush of blood to skin means that its course sharply amplified: what is favorable for treatment of many illnesses.

What happens to blood? Even the insignificant growth of leukocytes (known as white blood balls) as a part of blood leads to elimination of viruses. Increase in body temperature by means of a bathing steam room leads to pulse increase (increase of a rhythm of warm reductions) and, as a result, increase in speed of blood circulation in an organism. And this circumstance is extremely important as blood bears to bodies not only nutrients, but also water and oxygen which in itself promotes clarification of an organism. From here strengthening of exchange processes, including oxidations. Cases when blood of the people who recently passed through bathing procedure was investigated are known; growth of hemoglobin, red (erythrocytes) and white (leukocytes) of blood cages. By researches it is proved that quality of blood of the person in this case improves. The main force of bathing procedures is that at a warming up from the outside the blood-groove amplifies, and this powerful treating tool. It is known methods of a kapillyaroterapiya (A. Zalmanov) proved by the fact that through capillary part of blood system of a human body about 80% of all blood ply.

So, bathing heat is irreplaceable in creation of a strong blood-groove: there is a strengthening of cleaning of vessels, cholesteric and other stratifications “are washed away“ from walls of vessels like a strong stream of water. Therefore bathing heat promotes strengthening of current of blood circulation in an organism. Externally this effect is swept up too: reddening of skin is a signal that the warming up was successful. To skin flows blood, body temperature increases as a set of receptors - the nervous terminations it is brought to skin. For example, on 1 quarter see a final (last) phalanx of a forefinger, about 100 sensitive points “are removed“. Bath and sauna (with smaller effect) such known procedure as a hot bathtub in the apartment partly can replace

. Even warm, and the contrast shower, without addition of other treating substances is even better, perfectly disperses blood. Many probably noticed that after a contrast shower or douche by hungry water after a warming up in a bath (sauna) there comes improvement of a physical state. Improvement of a physical state leads to working capacity improvement. Not many know that the poet A. S Pushkin in the morning liked to plunge into a cold bathtub, creating strong current of blood not only bathing heat, but also ice water. The bucket of cold water which is poured out within several seconds on a body quickly lifts temperature to 39 degrees Celsius; what is disastrous for many viruses. In principle it is only about one of options of the dispersal of blood available to all in an organism having effective positive result. We cover baths (sauna) and (or) contrast water procedures, it is possible “to be treated without tablets“ and other ways, for example, playing sports. In all considered cases before procedures I recommend to consider an individual condition of your organism and to consult to the doctor because the fast warming up and (or) cooling after it can harm those at whom the state of health is strongly worsened.