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Do not know how to bless your birthday

of Spring flowers bright April, so with the flying of the cherry blossoms, drifting away, quietly but go to, may your birthday followed, lifted my sweet memories, heart like little thoughts. Your birthday, I think I will not think of, but never forget. is sending a message or dial a phone. Think for a long time, or not to disturb you quiet life, also will not disturb me cool mood. Because I had just started to used to day without you, to learn how to live without you.

Gently click of the mouse, chose a bunch of the other shore flower in the flower workshop for you. The other shore flower, flower one thousand, fell in one thousand, Mosaic two not meet, living in the wrong, be acquaintance happened but not always. Just between you and me, even if again much sentimentally attached, more understand, this life only to miss.

Ordinary day, plain living, accustomed to look at your gray head, how much expectation, less accustomed to in the phone book, quiet your number on there, not repeat reading, accustomed to the quiet miss you, do not sad, do not regret, no more waves in my heart.

Out of the window, not the stars and moonlight night, seem to be some some mournful and lonely, in such a night, vaguely came the voice of the pedestrian steps, they can like me sleepless. Tonight, your voice, your smile, filled my whole house, now came to my dream again, meet after such a long separation, so warm.

May osmanthus fragrance, smell the fragrance of the flower, years of the blossom, bloom once again in the heart. Those accompanied by day and night time, those who have a day of pain, and love like rewind movie playback again and again, is you heal the pain that I once is you take me to the road of love, thank you, had to accompany in my life!

Remember those days together, that is my little happiness. Maybe it is past for you, for me is forever. Although the past may not often read, but every time I think of, radian of corners of the mouth is higher. Very lucky to meet you, just time is wrong, however, I deeply regret, no longer this is doomed.

If I did not meet you, how do I know this world have such a pure love, if I did not meet me, how do you know in the world of mortals have so I understand you. No matter the ending how, that road is happy, because we have met. Even if the pain is worth it.

Each meet in life, not necessarily will have a perfect ending. Learn to a personal life, no matter whether someone to love, to love and not love, are treated. Perhaps a person still alone, still miss, will still come into my autumn spring, still the sun is shining.

Time go far, you walked out of my sight, but always stay in my world. Tepid, not xuan, quietly placed in the heart of an accidentally. Understand thought understanding, so near, that, so warm, think decree by destiny, so fell in love, but in the end is just thought.

To browse your photo album, to people who do know that you are already a father, but it`s still on the way I look about the direction of happiness. You`ve been good, I can rest assured, you happiness, I will happy smiled. The original love a person, is not having, but looked at he happiness is good.

Who take time out of the can, and you cannot mess the world of mortals. If can in this lifetime happiness safe, who may drift from place to place? If there is no worry about who will be strong say sorrow? As at the moment, all of the memory, how safe?

Wind stirring curtain, ruthlessly blowing, suddenly, voice of the ticking, is rain. The rain is more and more close, swallowed the quiet night, inspired countless emotions in the heart, cannot calm. There is a miss in the skin free, erosion!

For a long time for a long time, against the cold computer, he knocked on the innocuous text, or joy or sorrow, listen those sad love songs, heartstrings. Had: playing a “tick“, repeat

Immersed in their sad melody, cannot conceal the heart of the emotions, few drops of tears falling down, is this flow for you tonight, you do not know. Your birthday, I have no gift better, let the tears shed, this into my thoughts and blessings, deeply for you.

Vanity age, all too many injuries; The hustle and bustle, silent, and is hiding but sad. Time flies, cherish, is too much pain. Flowers fall, eventually escapes melancholy. Such is life, friends are scattered, world of mortals fate, who also escape not to drop, but there is always a sweet memory in our hearts.