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Hagar`s exile in Rubens`s pictures. For what banished the girl?

Many artists addressed the Bible as a source of plots of the pictures. Sara, Avram, Hagar - these characters inspired them not once.

In Peter Paul Rubens`s picture “Hagar leaves Avram`s house“ in an open door there is a gray-bearded aged man, near it - the angered woman with the hand raised up. Before them - a molodukha with a noticeable stomach, her right hand as if calms the barking dog, in left - some parcel by the form reminding a cover. The old man at doors is Avram, near him - his wife Sara, and a molodukha - their servant Hagar. Hagar leaves. Leaves in anywhere. In uncertainty.

In other picture of Peter Paul Rubens unfortunate sits about some rock, behind it - a clumsy tree. Around - sickly vegetation. In a word - the desert. In a look the question is looked through: “And what`s next? Where to go? How to live? And whether to live in general? “

So occurred? Why the young blossoming woman appeared in the desert?

It is difficult history, history of the family relations of bible characters. Also it begins almost from creation of the world. In brief it looks so.

The Lord created Adam and Eve, their son Cain (who killed the brother Abel) brought forth offspring, including Nov (which during the Flood escaped on an ark). Among descendants of Nov there was an Avram married to “childless and virgin“ Sara. And everything went as it is necessary, but hungry times came. Escaping for hunger, Avram with Sara send to Egypt.

11. When he approached Egypt, told Sara, the wife: here, I know that you are a woman, fine a look; 12. and when Egyptians will see you, will tell: this is his wife; also will kill me, and will leave you in live; 13. tell that you to me the sister that to me it was good for the sake of you and that my soul through you was live. (Life, 12,11 - 13.)

Sara was so good herself that the Pharaoh wanted to take her in the wife. Also took! But under the Egyptian laws it was impossible to take away the wife from the husband.

14. Also was when Avram came to Egypt, Egyptians saw that she is a woman very beautiful; 15. saw it and grandees of a faraonova and praised it to the Pharaoh; also it was taken in the house of Pharaohs. 16. And to Avram it was good for the sake of it; also it had small both a cattle and donkeys, and slaves and slaves, and hinnies and camels. 17. But the Lord struck with heavy blows of the Pharaoh and his house for Sara, the wife Avramova. 18. Both Avram`s Pharaoh called and told: what did you make it with me? for what did not tell me that she is a wife yours? 19. for what you told: she is a sister mine? and I took was it to myself in the wife. And now here your wife; take and go. 20. Also the Pharaoh gave about it command to people, and carried out it, and his wife, and everything that it had. (Life, 12, 12 - 20.)

Apparently, the Pharaoh paid off from Avram, as if made a penitential sacrifice to the gods for the fact that he intended to take foreign wife.

“And Avram was very rich with cattle, both silver, and gold“ . (Life, 13, 2.)

There were more than three hundred eighteen slaves at Avram (Life, 14, 14) including born in his house. After withdrawal from Egypt Avram located in vicinities of Hebron.

One of the key moments: Avram has slaves, there is a lot of them. Naturally, their children become slaves too.

What is the time passed from the moment of withdrawal from Egypt - it is unknown. Probably, several decades: even if Avram married Sara years in 30, passed years 50. During this time at slaves who left with Avram Egypt grandsons and great-grandsons were born.

Before Hagar`s appearance and her flight from Avram`s house passes still some time...