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What soap operas to watch since August? “Important mother“, “Dissenting opinion“ of

Augustus as the last month of summer, vacation, holidays and all types of rest, finishes several quite interesting projects - many favourite series leave: some - for the vacation some - on hiatus, and a couple - leave for ever. But at the same time August also begins many interesting projects among which there are series to which it is worth paying attention.

“Important mother“ (“Significant Mother“)

Series “Important Mother“ started on August 3 on CW channel which, as we know, let and is inclined to experiments, but nevertheless tries to do the projects which are not too shocking young, but quite conservative target audience of the channel.

Series counter. “Important mother“ - such project: the generation gap is considered in these comedy series from a little unexpected side. What adults we would not seem to ourselves, but we are, as a rule, not ready to perceive the parents as average adults who have an intimate life.

Series plot. the Project will tell about a situation into which the young restaurateur Nathe when learned that his mother has an affair with his best friend, the childhood friend with whom they grew in the face of the same mother got.

Mother, by the way, quite has the right to arrange the private life as recently she divorced Nathe`s father. By the way, the ex-husband Harrison not quite recognizes its right for new private life - he seeks to return in every way the wife, especially when understands that that is quite happy with the young guy.

Thus, life of the poor restaurateur Nathe cracks in several places at once: under the threat long-term friendship, relations with mother and promising career.

Familiar faces. the Leading role of the restaurateur Nathe was played by Josh Tsukkerman who is known on works in series “Kyle XY“, “Desperate Housewives“ and “90210: New generation“. His partner in a shot, the performer of a role of the best friend and at the same time mother`s lover - Nathanael Buzolich, the Australian handsome man, Cole in series “The Vampire Diaries“ and Dynes Stavros in series “Lovely Cheats“. Hot mummy was played here by Christa Allen who is good so that on any mummy having the adult son - the restaurateur, she is, of course, not similar. Her husband in a shot is played by Johnathan Silvermen, also the actor not especially known, but infinitely charming.

The series should be watched at least to remind itself that there are quite enough strange situations in each family even if it does not consist of two mothers or three fathers, and these situations will wound mentality of the child not less, in whatever old age the child was.

“Dissenting opinion“ of “Minority Report“)

This premiere will interest in

both Tom Cruise`s admirers, and admirers of creativity of Steven Spielberg, not to mention those who like Filip Kindred Dick`s books. Though in series there will be no Tom Cruise, anything a sin to conceal, Filip Kindred Dick, and only Steven Spielberg will act as the executive producer.

Series counter . The movie “Dissenting opinion“ shot in 2002 with Tom Cruise in a leading role was once very popular. The speech goes there about division of prevention of crimes which for prevention of crimes uses abilities of three seers. This screen version of the book of Filip Kindred Dick was shot then by Steven Spielberg. The movie was even nominated to the award “Oscar“ in the nomination “The Best Installation of a Sound“. The series “Dissenting opinion“ which start on FOX channel in August are a sequel of the movie of the same name.

Series plot. We get again to the world of division of Precrime which as we remember, was disbanded in the final of the original movie. Later a couple of decades after the described events one of those children - prophets tries to convince all around and itself that it is a normal person, tries to conduct normal life. But such gift - you will not spend on drink it, and therefore visions all the same regularly visit it.

On the way Desha (namely we learn his history in series) meets Lara Vega - the detective to which visions from the past haunt and which as nobody understands Desha. Together they will organize pass - Precrime branch, trying to prevent awful crimes about which prevent Desha his visions.

In addition, they should answer several quite reasonable questions: where the twin brother Desha Artur and how not to fall into clutches those who sleep and see, as if to earn from wonderful abilities Desha more money.

Familiar faces. as Desha we will see Starck Sends, the charming handsome man to whom dropped out, in my personal opinion, not absolutely “its“ role here. Who remembers the lieutenant Nathanael Fick in pass - series “Generation of Murderers“, will understand about what actor he there is a speech.

His colleague is played by Migan Goode similar to Kerry Washington and on Naomi Campbell at the same time. We could see it in such series as “Deception“ and “Lascivious California“.

The director of the project is Mike Maylod. This talented British did many known shows for BBC, but the series “Shameless persons“ where it was taken as the constant director after several finished shooting episodes became its real serial success. That you could gain an impression about a hallmark of the director, just keep in mind that the 3 and 4 episodes of the 5th season of cult series “Game of Thrones“ - his hands business.

The series should be watched at least from - for a name of the director. Mike Maylod, as they say, will not show bad. It will be especially interesting to plunge into the world of the near future of mankind where there is an opportunity to prevent the most awful crimes, to all admirers of the original movie of 2002 again.

Pleasant viewing! Do not switch! These are not all premieres of August!