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What to do if in the house Alzheimer`s disease?

around the world are known on September 21 as the World day of fight against Alzheimer`s disease. And since 2012 not only one day, but also all September is considered the World month of Alzheimer. All organizations involved in fight against this dreadful and incurable disease seek to pay as much as possible attention to people who became its victims. The purpose of information campaigns - as much as possible to inform the population on a course of disease, treatment and care of the patient.

The decision on this day was made in 1994 at the world conference in Edinburgh. Since then physicians, scientists, leaders of opinions, relatives try to draw as much as possible attention of mass media and governments of the countries to this problem. The illness leads to a full invalidization of the person and lays down heavy burden both on relatives, and on economic budgets of many countries. Public organizations hold various events, informing people on this illness and collecting donations.

Unfortunately, physicians and scientists are powerless before this disease. It is necessary only to learn to live with it that though somehow to facilitate a condition of the patient and relatives who look after him. Alzheimer`s disease is often called a family illness. For relatives care of the patient becomes a heavy burden. Besides, watching how the favourite and native person gradually degrades, many have burdensome feelings.

Most of physicians declare that there are no evidence-based ways of prevention of this disease. By means of medicines it is possible to slow down a little its progressing, but treatment needs to be begun in due time. Often the problem consists that relatives do not pay attention to some strangenesses in behavior of the elderly person. And only when changes in behavior and character become obvious, the family begins to sound alarm and to run on doctors, but in most cases already it appears late. On such grief unfair Aesculapians who claim that they can cure this incurable illness often profit.

Despite a hopelessness, in our forces to do everything possible that life of patients and their trustees became more comfortable. In many cases trustees are attached to patients and cannot lead full-fledged life. Care of the sick person - big test for a family: the illness can last many years.

The international organizations developed the basic principles of the relation and care of the people suffering not only Alzheimer`s disease, but also other types of dementias. First of all it is necessary to know that it is an incurable illness which progresses and leads to full disintegration of the personality. Despite it, such patient remains the person and deserves the treatment of himself as with the patient demanding leaving and care. Sometimes it is possible to hear from relatives that the patient specially does any unpleasant things to anger people around. In most cases is a display of an illness, but not his evil intention. Therefore it is impossible to allow violence, insults and humiliation.

As far as possible the person needs to be involved in daily household chores. Of course, not in all cases it is possible. But the attitude towards such patient can be compared to the attitude towards the small child: which - that it can do itself if about it to ask it. Ignoring and isolation from family life can aggravate situation only.

As the illness lasts several years, load of relatives who care for the patient, every year increases. Care of the disabled person can strike also a financial position of a family. If it is necessary to give up the main work, then it is possible to think of additional ways of earnings at home. For many relatives the heaviest is that it is necessary to change a habitual way of life.

In daily cares it is necessary to remember as well the health and a mental state. Very often relatives test fatigue, rage, loneliness, a depression. In many cases they have a sense of guilt for the fact that are not able to constrain the emotions. In certain cases trustees can have feeling that they do ungrateful work. Really, the sick person will not estimate all that for him is done.

The people living with patients also have to remember themselves: to communicate with friends and other relatives. If other family members have no opportunity to pay attention to the patient every day, then, perhaps, they will be able to help sometimes, occasionally. It is not necessary to be afraid to ask other relatives about the help: thus, the trustee will have a little time for rest. If you have no relatives or friends who can help, then it is possible to address in a social service.

There are support groups in which there is an opportunity to discuss the arising problems, to get advice, emotional support. The value of such groups consists that there people who are in the same situation gather and solutions of many problems can share the experience. If in your city there is no such group, it can be created or found in the Internet. Big advantage online - forums consists that it is possible to communicate, ask questions and to exchange experience in any time, convenient for itself.

Often big problem is that the relations between the patient and relatives cardinally change. To children can be difficult to look that earlier loving mother or the father do not recognize them, behave inadequately. In such cases it is possible to address the psychologist to speak the feelings, but not to keep in itself. Of course, and among friends there are those who will listen and will support. It is noticed that have a stress more and those, who have no support of close people have depressions.

It is usually difficult to allocate time for itself in the loaded operating and house schedule. Nevertheless it is necessary to plan the time so that to leave though a little time and money for rest, entertainment, sports, a hobby. At the same time you should not blame yourself for egoism: short breaks are necessary to support the physical and emotional forces. Besides, if the patient still is in more - less normal state, it can also be attracted to social activity: discussions and discussions, the Internet, reading, needlework, drawing up puzzles, listening of music, work in a garden.

The care of the sick person is always a hard work. But psychologists advise to perceive this part of the life as new experience and to remember that, despite an incurable illness, life should not pass by.