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Future of a brain. What it will be?

of “Transcend“ - the surprising edition, perhaps, one of the best in 2015. It not only a mix from medicine and futurology that in itself is unusual. “Transcend“ - your house doctor: in the book there are also scientific answers to the trickiest questions about health, and recommendations for those who want to live long and happily.

One of heads is devoted to a brain and a dream. You knew that as soon as we are 20 years old, health of a brain withers and serious violations appear? Heard about nanorobots which treat cancer? Let`s look.

the Greedy person - a brain

the Brain of the person - these 100 billion neurons and one trillion auxiliary glial cages - is capable

of surprising achievements though we understand so far and not really how it manages it. It as the conductor, operates each blow of your heart, each wave of eyelashes, production of hormones, without speaking about other, more conscious activity.

It is possible for this reason it needs so many resources. The weight of a brain makes only 2% of gross weight, however he receives 20% of all blood which is pumped over by heart and consumes 20% of oxygen and the glucose coming to an organism.

50% of genetic information are the share of a brain. In other words, a half of your genes describes a brain structure while the second half defines a structure of other 98% of bodies and tissues of your body. You represent?

We everything are young old men

Evolution gave enough time for a growing and exactly so many years of adulthood how many it is necessary that our children grew up and became independent. Then that natural selection eliminated such important feature as preservation of health of a brain of people which it is far in 20 years.

More century was considered that, unlike other parts of a body capable to regeneration, the person irrevocably loses neural touches and brain substance. We begin to suffer from destructive addictions, depressions, disturbing frustration and many other violations, not to mention awful consequences of wrong judgments. However the latest researches showed that the brain possesses plasticity - is able to restore the lost or damaged neurons and communications.

The main lesson which is born to us by these opening the is as follows: brain differs in nothing from muscles - it has to work to live.

the Gym for mind

the Brain creates our thoughts, and thoughts, in turn, form a brain. And it is reality! The last experiences with scanning of a brain in real time show how separate interneural communications create new synapses (places of contacts between neurons). Without solution of the demanding intellectual efforts of tasks the brain ceases to create new communications, losing organization and eventually working capacity.

All know that happens to muscles when the person is confined to the bed or leads a sedentary life. The same happens also to a brain. But there is inverse relation: mind trainings - the solution of logical and emotional tasks - help to come to a tone. The choice is huge: from board games, such as chess, to crossword puzzles. You can involve logic, counting finance or making the plan of a trip.

Read. Express creative and artistic bents. Attend educational courses. Talk to interesting and clever people. And, above all, improve the relations with people around - both emotions, and logic are involved in it.

Freud was the rights

of Function of a dream are of great importance for our health: in a dream the level of a leptin - the hormone which is responsible for loss of appetite increases. Today many lack for a dream that can explain growth of number of people with superfluous is powerful. The dream improves memory, and also ability to acquire and remember new material.

The lack of a dream adversely affects mood and leads to decrease of the activity. The last achievements in the field of scanning of a brain help to understand better why the dream is so important. In pictures it is possible to see how the live brain will reorganize itself during a dream and processes information obtained in a day.

It turned out that in a dream many sites of a brain are also active, as well as during wakefulness. The psychiatrist J. Allan Hobson from Harvard medical school declared that “these results will be coordinated with Freud`s idea that dreams matter“.

a future Brain

According to forecasts of the futurologist Ray Kurtsveyl, in 2034 by means of nanorobots in a brain people will be able to write books for several days. In our blood-groove there will be millions of robots of the size of a blood cell which will be able to interact with neurons for increase in memory size and expansion of access to knowledge.

The S7 Airlines company suggested people to go to any place on the planet, steering the virtual plane power of thought. Everything that was required, is to dream of an appointment point. Thoughts of people read out the biosensors fixed on the head. So the devices connected with a brain - reality of today.

Nanorobots will be able to provide search directly in a brain: will listen to our thoughts and if notice that something is impossible to us, will provide the necessary information that creative process was not interrupted. Besides, nanorobots are capable to create virtual reality, blocking real signals from sense organs.

The virtual environment looks as impressively as computer games: will remind terrestrial landscapes, for example the beautiful beach or fantastic places in which laws of physics do not work.

“Transcend“ - not only about the future. It is the house medical encyclopedia, the practical and useful edition which it is possible to re-read tens of times.

On materials of the book of Raymond Kurtsveyl and Terry Grossman “Transcend“.