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What products it is possible to eat and not to be afraid to rise quietly on scales?

Still a piece, and will not be any more... He is familiar? What to eat that there was no repentance concerning extra kilos? It is no secret that weight plays a large role in our life. A huge number of books on healthy and healthy food, video - councils and emergence of a large number of the websites devoted to this problem - to volume the certificate.

One seek to grow thin, at others the purpose opposite - to gain necessary kilograms, and it is not enough of those who are happy that he is. The fact that health and excess completeness - antagonists, know many. Heart diseases, diabetes, bad blood circulation and a set of other problems as a result of obesity are a small list of the fact that excess calories and a lack of the movement bring.

So what dishes can be eaten quietly and at the same time not to be afraid to rise on scales? Especially, observance of a strict diet is a deprivation and suffering which lead as a result at some to the next failure. Actually, there is a number of products, using which it is possible to wait for a lunch or a dinner without having a snack, besides they will not damage also to a figure.

But dishes with the low content of fats do not concern to them. Paradox? By no means, exactly they are often used as such having a snack that leads something to a bigger desire to eat in addition. What is included into the list recommended by nutritionists?

It is first of all of egg . Instead of dry breakfasts it is better to choose an omelet or fried eggs. Eggs which part such necessary substances as iodine, Riboflavinum, biotin are and, above all - protein, are capable to sate and force to forget about desire to eat before a lunch.

The modern dietology does not recommend the fat-free products, on the contrary, appeals to the use of fats, useful to an organism, sound. It is considered that use in food of fat milk, sour cream or cottage cheese, but in small amounts, allows to remain full longer time. Treats the same products also of avocado , incorporating not only healthy fats, but also a complex of useful substances, and also cellulose.

Many know about advantage of apples . Such fruit perfectly will approach as a dessert. They are favorable not only for weight reduction, but for all organism in general. Well matched to apple and a handful of almonds which also remarkably satisfy hunger.

As researches testify, the organism needs more time for digestion of proteinaceous food, and such factor needs to be considered at preparation of a dinner. Fast meat or fish will help to relieve for a long time of feeling of hunger, besides it will not be reflected in your waist in any way.

It is impossible to ignore also such vegetables as haricot and peas . Bean - an excellent source and a squirrel, and celluloses. Besides on their digestion a lot of time is required and the feeling of saturation will remain longer.

About advantage of sauerkraut wrote much. The rare snack table does without this prebiotic which well influences work of intestines. Sauerkraut helps not only to bridle appetite, but also perfectly will approach any dish as addition.

Accustoming to sweet at many begins with the childhood. And if your purpose - to reach optimum weight, then it is worth replacing habitual sweet dishes with couple of cubes of dark chocolate with the maintenance of cocoa not less than 70%.

As the British scientists consider, the one who eats various and unusual dishes has good health and does not suffer from obesity. Monotonous menu and food near the TV, along with other factors, of course, promote increase in weight much.