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Why it is good to live in Bulgaria?

Why are good to live in Bulgaria? The inhabitant`s note the Country of Bulgaria disposes

completely to a positive. Here and it is easy to do business, both to obtain the credits, and life is quiet and transparent, and the medicine sensible and to emigrate simply and inexpensive and to settle to live and adapt quickly - really. On the person depends, but not on the country, well is to him there or here or not. Moving it, the person the main thing himself is lucky in emigration, but changes not the country of accommodation. Its own world or a world always with it. If he is wide dobras and is positive, then everywhere to it it is good also in a high and if melochen, it is mean and low, then what country will not choose all the same will remain in itself(himself) it what is and if it does not turn out to adapt at it in the new country, then will abuse the country, the power, all people around, only not himself. It is ridiculous to look at such. Ridiculously it is also a pity for them limited in themselves beings. Is such in Bulgaria too. Yes where there are no such.

It is a prelude. But, after all, why it is good to live in Bulgaria.

Simplicity of emigration - moving.

to Receive residence permit in Bulgaria simply and quickly. Budgetary and clear. Everything is registered in the Law for Chuzhdentsite - who can receive VNZh in Bulgaria. And as well as what documents to file consultants which vechnokrasny tomatoes in the country there is a lot of will prompt. Each Russian who received VNZh in Bulgaria is engaged in consultations on receiving VNZh. So there is a choice to whom to address to skilled and dolgoprozhivayushchy here or just arrived. It is all the same simple to receive VNZh in Bulgaria and will contact on money about 1500 - 2000 the person - all cost of receiving VNZh. Generally.

Actually life current ordinary

Life is good, cheap, tasty, ecologically pure, clear to

and is predictable. There is no crime any in Bulgaria. Is above when money big saws, and just to live and to live in the country of vechnokrasny tomatoes pleasantly, quietly, cozy. Not without reason that pensioners from Germany, Japan, Norway and Russia choose the country of Bulgaria for “dozhivaniye“. Everything has here. The low prices of real estate, of lodges in villages, on food, clothes and all the rest. Current, water, and other to an expense municipal - are rather high, but if that is reasonable to use these services and it is possible to be enclosed in the budget reasonably. Food prices are ridiculously low. Time in 5 differ from Russian. An opportunity to travel everywhere from Bulgaria exists. Planes the budgetary loukosta across all Europe fly. It is possible to Italy for 20 euros to fly or to Lisbon for 25 euros. Such prices real. And let those who never were in Bulgaria say that I exaggerate - let speak. I then live and I use the benefits of Europe. Come all you will see and feel on yourself beauty and charm of Bulgaria.

Business and the business

it is simple to b to Register firm and to open the business in Bulgaria. Only 200 euros and the legal address is necessary. 10 days on registration and all - you the owner of the firm in Europe can be also engaged in any kind of business. The taxation in Bulgaria loyal. Authorized capital - 1 euro. Income tax of 10% - The VAT - 20% a tax on the PHOT of 39% that allows to consider Bulgaria as such European offshore. Having firm in Bulgaria you get access to all resources of the European Union including a possibility of receiving returnable eurofinancing in sizes from 5000 to several million euros, depending on the programs financed by the European Union. According to Evrofinansirovaniya`s programs we took part and since 2007 financing from the European Union on two fotovoltaichny parks = for 250000 euros for everyone, two projects on “Rural Tourism“ for 100000 euros for everyone is constructed and received. Now again projects and reception of projects in the European Union on receiving eurofinancing open. In Europe it is rather simple to obtain both the credit and grants for business development. The business plan only sensible and real needs to be made. Concerning opening and business, Bulgaria the ideal country in Europe and for Russians which in Russia to open firm not a problem. Any person, not necessarily the Bulgarian can be the founder.

Communication with people It is simply unique

. As Bulgarians love us, “bratushka“. I speak about people of age of 30 - 50 years which with pleasure speak and tell about everything. A half of them worked in the Union and remember Brezhnev`s times and the subsequent. Pleasant communication with locals can be met everywhere in Bulgaria, especially in the province, in small towns and villages. It is pleasant to feel such hospitality. If in the village the meeting takes place unintentional, then will surely invite to the house, will feed will give to drink and will put bed the Russian tourist. In Sofia and in other large cities not so. Megalopolises with the troubles, but also in the large cities meet the kind Bulgarians open and pure as children, good-natured it is better to tell openheartedly. Often I should move over the country and I will tell the truth that love us, Russians here. In the bulk the. Remember 1877 - to Shipk, Pleven, that time of liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish Yoke. And still. Complain constantly why we left Russia, spit on the government and to the European Union and wait that sometime again everything will be as in the past - always together with Russia - vinag zayedno.

Health and ecological purity

Bulgaria - the European health resort with the trade-union prices. It is possible to be treated both in Switzerland and in Germany. The result will be one but in Bulgaria in tens of times byudzhetny treatment. Therefore that here Europeans also go to treatment - prevention - rehabilitation. Practically all diseases are treated here. There is both a sea and mountains and herbs and a relax. There is all in the country of vechnokrasny tomatoes. To live here in a high. In principle the nature makes treatment the environmentally friendly places and waves. It is just possible to breathe and be in the uncontaminated place and everything will pass and all pathology will disappear. Who visited at least once, come back. For example asthma and bronchitis in Sandanski treat effectively. Even just during blossoming of a pine there come from all Europe asthmatics, pitch tents in a pine grove which over Sandanski is and just sleep covered with yellow pollen from a pine there, breathe, inhale medical pylchinka and relaksirut and, strangely enough, asthma and bronchitis before a force of nature recedes. There is a lot of such places in Bulgaria. We will even organize so-called “Medical rounds“ and in Sandanski on treatment and prevention of asthma and bronchitis, and others such as “Senolecheniye“, “Wine therapy“.

So it is necessary to live in Bulgaria - the country excellent, healthy and pure, with beautiful people. And just it is necessary to live positively in a high and not to pay attention to various problems and problems which in principle in itself can resolve.

And as you will decide to arrive, or to move, to receive Residence permit, business to open the, to receive medical treatment or on what another matters, do not hesitate, write to us, we will answer and we will consult on all questions how to begin how to continue and how to adapt on arrival. Let`s meet you here in Motokhausa ours, we will feed, we will give to drink, we will put bed and we will tell what others will not tell.

Good luck

the country of Bulgaria Is good.