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Whether there is Vangi`s dukhovnitsa? Venerable Stoyna. Bulgaria

Venerable Stoyna is the prophetess accepted in Bulgaria and in other countries as a dukhovnitsa of the famous prophetess Vangi. It is also blind and also predicted events forthcoming, warning inhabitants against various awful events.

Stoyna spoke: Greece will sink, the White Sea will reach Petric, the second moon in the sky will appear. And other predictions remained in memory, those which came true, and those which still will come true.

Witches, vampires, witch doctors, magicians, devils, predictors and other dark and light shaitans. Them is in Bulgaria. It is a lot of. Bulgaria is sated with places of force, zones, power sources and other unclear phenomena. Because - that and is a lot of these non-standard companions conducting and predicting.

One of such places - the village Zlatolist, Melnishko. Where there lived Venerable Stoyna, the blind foreteller who was considered as the dukhovnitsa by the woman Vanga.

There were I once there and what now I will write, it will be told almost unvarnished and art fiction. Reality of life, so to speak. What was influenced by is difficult to transfer those feelings for horror to full slackness and a high internal.

So. The place of force - the village Zlatolist.

With unearthly gift against diseases various forward what will be venerable Stoyna also saw. Blind, same as Vanga, and will be on September 9 130 years as she was born white, and on some signs, all strength of Stoyna was taken after her death by Vanga. Also continued the broadcastings and predictions.

Saint Georgy church that in the village Zlatolist where there lived venerable Stoyna - the only place where the Virgin is represented with a naked breast. In church of that there is on a floor a marble slab with a two-headed eagle, directly in the center. Having risen on this plate, it is possible to feel how huge force energy passes through you from the earth in the sky and with noise flies by through your backbone. Probably, it opens Kundalini or curative bioenergy clears.

There were I on a plate of that. Feelings, I will tell you, strange. Interesting. It seems what all Saints, from icons looking tell with you by internal voices and as you are present at the Last Judgement, and you bear answers before the Holy Trinity.

There are a lot of psychics from Russia and from around the world visit this place, sleep in a tserkovka and lie on a floor, “being recharged“ thus. That the real truth, and I, being there, saw these recharges of people with novel abilities.

I spent the night once in the temple volume. Lit candles and stood on a plate with an eagle, feeling as time through me and as Saints reproachfully look at me from an iconostasis rushes. Settled on gunny and could not fall asleep in any way. Rushed in a brain we wash thoughts different, all my life leaked in a night how on a confession I came to be, but not before the priest, and just before It. Huge powerful energy place it.

And in the yard is plane trees, ancient - ancient. And on a plane tree volume a swing is attached. And if who cannot become pregnant, then having rocked on this swing and having asked at Stoyna of that and whom wishes, in 80 - 90% cases there is a conception. Vicious, naturally, by means of other floor. And locals one pensioners remained, tell about that.

Force is powerful. The place of force is unique. Not without reason those who know go here. Stop by at Zlatolist, and then go to Rupite to the woman Vange. Also the loaded psychics leave on the homeland from around the world, to broadcast - to vedovat, predict, treat also to line what else to do for people of persons in need.

Rose pure in the morning, brightened up, the health excellent was, is direct as the baby was, left early church of that and grabbed one self-locking device to Sofia. It was lucky. Left under the strongest impressions which changed outlook again. Reset took place successfully.

The feeling of internal tranquility and sincere purity was similar to when I got through through Ivan Rilsky`s cave which is near Rila Monastery. Cleaning of all you at the molecular level - probably, it is so possible to express what passed through me. Novel and unclear force of purity. What and to all of you I wish! The country of Bulgaria is good!