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What will help to stand in crisis? 15 minutes in day of a conscious trance!

are heard Everywhere: crisis … crisis … And what is crisis? Numerous reference books inform: “It is a change, a state at which the existing means of achievement of the objectives become irrelevant therefore there are unpredictable situations and problems“.

Here also breaks... Breaks after return from work when reported that “in a month the department is disbanded“; after return from shop when the prices grew again; breaks at the time of receiving a salary … treatment payments … It becomes as before difficult to live, in a new way - it is terrible and unclear.

People react to the events differently. One after return from shop stiffen, gloomy looking at a bag with products. Others struggle with feeling of anger, a dissatisfaction and rush on searches of additional earnings. Psychological loading increases. The fear for the future devastates, deprives of energy. That is why in crisis alcohol consumption grows, society becomes more disturbing, aggressive, the quantity of suicides increases.

Crisis, unfortunately, beats not only a purse, but also mentality.

So, one half of the population “fights against crisis“, the second passively waits and is depressed. But on what party you would not appear, energy is necessary for you for overcoming of the arisen difficulties now. If you already forgot what means “to relax“, then sooner or later to force you to remember an organism.

For this purpose let`s understand as it signals about psychological fatigue. For example, as it was described above: you come back from shop. Shop round the corner and it is not difficult to reach it. You returned with purchases, closed behind yourself a door and failed flat-out. In several minutes, carried out between grocery shelves, you felt bitterness, a hopelessness, powerlessness, pity to yourself, on a basket distinctly saw how your standard of living falls. Again before eyes floated: “How to live?“ Physically you were not tired, and here morally …

What in this situation does your organism? It disconnects you! The moment when you after return not movably (wearily) stayed 15 - 20 minutes over purchases, and is a natural, natural trance state. Load of your mentality is so big that the organism is forced to be slowed down and at least in such spontaneous way to protect you from failures and “burning out“.

Give the examples. For certain you remember how you fell into a trance state after rough quarrel, the saved-up impressions, difficult negotiations, obtaining important information. In all cases played for you some time not movably to sit or lie down. At this moment you wanted silence that nobody touched you, the look became released, and even thoughts as though stopped.

But the spontaneous trance is unpredictable. You are not always able to afford “to sit in silence“. Around vanity, work, meetings. People cease to hear themselves and violently pull out from so the necessary restoring trance.

And now think: if you, without having refueled, jerked from a gas station, long would pass with an empty tank? But similar otnosheniyek to in the nature of things. From here also the chronic fatigue, discontent with life, the neurosises passing into physical diseases is born.

To overcome crisis, you will need strong psychological protection and reliable feed. It is important to learn to restore forces and a positive spirit before the fatigue comes to you before you fall down flat-out and before your brains refuse to make important decisions. For this purpose there is also a conscious immersion in a trance.

In - the first, it is same natural, as well as your unconscious immersions.

In - the second, you can operate it, choosing the place and time that will significantly facilitate to you a problem of completion of the lost energy.

In - the third, the habit will help to transovatsya to you to keep optimism, clarity of thoughts, cheerfulness and high performance for many years.

to Primary skills of entry into a conscious trance it is the best of all for li to be trained in

at professionals. In fact, it is small 10 - 15 - minute disconnections from the outside world for the purpose of restoration and accumulation of vital energy. For this purpose on occupations the step-by-step algorithm of immersion is studied, nuances understand. But at simpler level you can use this scheme:

1. Postpone the affairs, ensure a privacy. Adjust an alarm clock that in 10 - 15 minutes it rang out. If there is opportunity, then turn on the quiet meditative music.

2. You lay down or sit down so that to you it was most comfortable, and the most part of muscles is relaxed.

3. Close eyes .

4. Concentrate on feelings in a body. Feel how your muscles in the top and lower extremities relax, in a trunk, a neck and the warm wave of relaxation covers you with the head.

5. Present that you are in some very pleasant place. Here to you it is rather good. Perhaps, it will be children`s memoirs, or the seashore, the lake, the wood …

6. Remember happy, pleasant events which took place in your life or just admire the mental picture. Plunge into them. Feel pleasant emotions, inflow of forces and energy.

7. In 10 - 15 minutes the alarm clock will remind you that it is time to come back. Should note

that the result will depend on degree of your readiness and a condition of nervous system. Someone can at once “fail in a sleepiness“, and only the alarm clock will return it back. It will mean that you too were tired, “burned out“ also to you, first of all, it is necessary to sleep. Someone all this time “will drive thoughts“. Means, your nervous system is overstrained. Do not stop trying “to plunge into a trance“, ability will come with practice. People who are already familiar with self-hypnosis and trance states will receive desirable result and will leave a trance by the fixed time even without the aid of an alarm clock.

As you understand, your success in the outside world depends on an internal psychological spirit. For a long time not a secret that smiling, quiet people attract to themselves favorable circumstances. Be loaded with positive energy, accumulate forces, be attentive to requirements of your organism, and you will overcome any crisis with a smile and with the smallest losses - both for health, and for a purse.