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5 simple and interesting experiments.

the Cauliflower

of 5 simple and most interesting experiences

What is necessary? 4 glasses filled with water, food dyes, cabbage leaves (or white flowers).

What to do? Add food dyes of different flowers to each glass with water. Put on one flower or a leaf of cabbage there and leave them for the night. In the morning you will see as they were beautifully painted.

Why it occurred? Plants feed the leaves and flowers with water. It fills thin tubules in plants (so-called capillary effect). Respectively, when they soak up the painted water, and accept the same color.

The lit match

of 5 simple and most interesting experiences

What is necessary? Lamp and matches.

What to do? Just light a match and bring to a wall at distance 10 - 15 cm and light a small lamp. You will see that only your hand and a match is reflected in a shadow.

Why it occurred? The fact that fire does not cast a shadow is explained by the fact that it passes through itself(himself) light.

A fire-resistant ball

of 5 simple and most interesting experiences

What is necessary? Two balls, matches or lighter, candle, water.

What to do? For descriptive reasons experiment at first inflate a ball and bring it to the burning candle. It will burst. Then take the second and fill it with water. At a present to a flame you will be able to observe that such ball resists to fire and will remain is whole.

Why it occurred? The matter is that water in the balloon absorbs heat allocated by the burning candle and therefore it does not burst.

Floating egg

of 5 simple and most interesting experiences

What is necessary? Salt, 2 glasses with water and 2 eggs.

What to do? Accurately place egg in one glass with water. It will fall down (if it does not occur, egg stale means and I do not recommend to you to put it back in the refrigerator). And in the second pour warm water and stir in it is mute 4 - 5 tablespoons of salt. For purity of experiment you can wait so far water will cool down. Then also place egg in a glass. It will turn out that it will float on a surface.

Why it occurred? Density of egg is much more water density therefore it falls by a bottom. And density of hydrochloric solution is higher, respectively, egg remains above.

Crystal lollipops

of 5 simple and most interesting experiences

of 5 simple and most interesting experiences

What is necessary? 2 glasses of water, 5 glasses of sugar, wooden sticks for pass - shish kebabs, dense paper, food dyes, a pan, transparent jars.

What to do? In the fourth part of a glass with water weld sugar syrup. On paper fill sugar, lower wooden sticks in this syrup. Collect by them sakharinka. Evenly distribute sugar on sticks. Leave them for the night, they have to dry completely.

in a pan needs to pour out in the Morning 2,5 glasses of sugar and 2 glasses of water and on fire to dissolve it. Add 2, 5 more glasses of granulated sugar and 2 glasses of water to the turned-out syrup and weld before full dissolution. Leave syrup for about 15 minutes (no more) to cool down. Further pour it on jars and add to them food dyes. Lower the prepared wooden sticks in banks so that they did not concern walls and a bottom banks (by means of a clothespin, for example).

At this stage you just need to wait and observe growth of crystals on sticks. Then you can eat the turned-out lollipops.

Why it occurred? With water fall of temperature solubility of sugar falls too, and it accumulates on walls banks and on the prepared stick with sugar grains.