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To whom does the magic lamp of time shine? History of a porcelain cup. Part 2

Days, however, passed, and any of them did not promise anything good. To mother appointed procedures, then cancelled them, loomed, and operation took place then, without having brought with itself consolatory messages. My forty-eight-year-old mother with great strides went to death, and nothing in the whole world could stop it.

I three times ordered air tickets and three times handed over them back. Always there was “one more inspection“ which by all means should be passed. Money thawed, and in suitcases gifts which we bought for relatives in the first day of arrival lonely lay.

The father in Baku was rushed off the feet to send us money, but Moscow did not release us. I ran away in the morning in hospital, then resorted to the house at several o`clock to take a shower and to change clothes, and ran away back. The spring approached Moscow, but rumble of sudok and thermoses replaced to me a thaw ring.

I did not want it. Honestly. But the misfortune trapped my hand shivering from tension just while I passed by Adam Osipovich`s table. An involuntary wave - and the green miracle with blue peacocks broke into crumbs. “The ware so does not fight, - I managed to think. - Paper is so torn“.

- You broke my cup?! - the tragic voice sounded. Adam Osipovich entered the room. It was in a bathroom.

- Ya … Adam Osipovich, I is not specially. My word upon it. Forgive, for God`s sake! So it turned out!!! Well, I`m sorry, please!

- You broke my cup?!!! - (I felt as Mashenkaya from “Three bears“ on whom the main bear growls: “Who took my big spoon?!!“). His face with small as at a polecat teeth approached me.

- Not only that you stick out here already 3 - y month that you are terribly unorganized, do not pay kopek, so you still vreditelstvut! Hooligan! Gangster! I will cane you now! - He threatened on me a cane. This minute at doors the jingle of keys was heard. Polina Vasilyevna returned from shop. It seems, I was never glad to it as now.

- Fields (former Pauline evaporated somewhere!) you only look, look at it! This soplivka broke my cup! It broke a Sevres cup!

Blood of the Caucasian grandfathers began to boil in me. I was not a hooligan and did not manage to hammer together gangs too. I did not stick out there voluntarily. I was very tired. Adam Osipovich continued to be ruined.

- And that your mother after oncology did not come back here! You hear it?! No, well you look, Paul what impudence! Broke and still is silent!

- Well, all right, will be to you! - amicably the wife told. - Well that now. Well, cup, well Sevres. What, it is necessary to kill from now - for it?

- Fields - I! - the old man screamed. - That their leg was not in our house! You hear?!

It is possible if I kept silent, everything would descend safely. Jeunet would be succeeded to calm him, I once again would ask forgiveness, and everything would end. But the blood of grandfathers multiplied by youth still raged in me.

- I pledge you the word, - I quietly rapped out, - that from now on my leg will not be in your house. - kog - yes!! And my mother will not return here! You want it - you receive it. To in total you the best, false Berenger!!!

- What - about - about?!!! - the old man rose and threw a stick, but the wife embraced him at this time and carried away on kitchen.

Having had a snack on a lip, I rushed to pack things. From kitchen the shouting interrupted by Polina`s admonitions reached. Own epithet about Berenger very much was pleasant to me, and I started giggling weepingly. Where I will go, at this time of night, and as - it was the minor question. Farlaf nervously cut circles around me, and his look was disturbing, but not condemning. From kitchen the man`s shrill voice and the calming female rushed.

I did not begin to wait for a new round of scandal. I was hungry. I remembered friable potato with fennel and herring with the oiled onions rings - my dinner, about tea under an andersenovsky lamp and became angry even more. “I will not return for anything!“ Having hung up keys on a nail, I quietly slipped out for a door with a suitcase in hands. Farlaf sympathetically looked to me following, but did not decide to mew.

- Be healthy, the bourgeois! - I told and carefully covered a door. There were seven o`clock in the evening.

The gold key opens any door. Having put a money to the security guard in hospital, I made the way to mother in chamber. One more money helped me to get a couch and a pillow. The issue of a present lodging for the night was resolved. Having had supper a roll with tea, I felt quite vigorous.

- What you will do now? - mother asked me and her hands hung. Raskovsky`s words about that it did not come back, I did not transfer to it. - Perhaps, I will call, I will talk to them, I will apologize. He is not an angry person. Well, got excited, happens.

- No, - I firmly told. - I will not return there! Tomorrow I will go to Masha!

Masha was and remains, the closest, most faithful and devoted my friend, for already thirty years. We and were called Masha and Lyamash, by Masha Belenkaya and Masha Chernenkaya. She from the very beginning persistently suggested me to remain with her, but she lived much farther, than Raskovskiye. To live in a small, dank lodge in the settlement situated near Moscow and to reach from there hospital it was impossible. But an exit was not any more.

- Sleep, a ball (child). Tomorrow we will think, - mother sighed and turned away to a wall.

Evening of the next day I was already at Masha. We sat on stools and drank tea from mugs. We were shone by a wonderful bulb under the newspaper lamp shade. Despite everything, we were young, fun-loving and happy.

In two days Polina Vasilyevna arrived to hospital.

- The child, Lyamash, do not take offense, - she said and fingered a crepe de Chine kerchief on a neck. - He very much loved this cup. Well, and the hell with her! Sevr, Sevr, dinned into the ears! Well, the child the child, I spoke to you, and you did not trust. Thought that I in vain on it grumble. Well, do not get into the head. Spit and pound. You know how he worries. Became attached to you. Besides, disabled person. Well, flared up, forgive! Come back. And to mother from us it is closer to you to go.

- Bala, - smiled mother. - And, ball?!

- No! - I cut off. - Forgive, no!

- Well, - Polina Vasilyevna sighed. - The owner - the barin! Forgive if that. - It was awkwardly stuck into a yellow mother`s cheek, a priobnyal me and left chamber.

- Sun you my, generous! - mother grinned. I frowned. Here the nurse came, and mother was carried on procedures.

I went outside. From all directions on me the squelching spring Moscow rushed. On naked branches sparrows shouted, and from ice cream in big boxes freezing steam did not rise any more. There was an end of March. In four days mother has to be written out. My heart sang. I won a victory. I did not give up.

About Kashirskaya metro station traded in books. I bought a calendar with cats and the small children`s book “History of a porcelain cup“. In it it was colourfully told about porcelain creation.

We came back to Baku, full of vague hopes. I tried not to remember ridiculous Adam Osipovich. I spoiled mood. Mother was silent, thought of something.

- Give, I will call, and you will talk to them, and, a ball?! - she told me already in Baku.

- No! - I was young and cruel. I such also remained unless youth was reduced.

- As you wish, - an echo mother responded. Pale to transparency, it already and itself reminded an echo. In seven its months did not become...

I did not talk to Raskovskimi. I cannot be charged that would talk to them now. But sometimes I look at the shabby children`s book about porcelain which is generously ornamented by my daughter, and I understand that nothing in this world occurs in vain. And in revolutionary irreconcilability of the daughter sometimes I recognize myself - young and hot, not forgiving offenses and not knowing that it is necessary to pay for it.

But youth is a magic lamp of time. Under its light it is trusted in the best.