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About what are silent published at own expense? A note to the beginning authors of

It is suspected, I will not peddle old stuff if I tell that practically each of the people writing dreams to publish the book. That all “on - to the adult“: beautiful registration, such familiar name on a cover … And if also decent fee … Generally, and there is a wish to blink with pleasure and to smile pensively!

That sweet dream to turn into really tangible book, it is possible to go different roads. The most difficult and “correct“ way - to find publishing house which will become interested in your work and with pleasure (yes let though without pleasure!) will publish the book, naturally, without forgetting everything to issue the corresponding pieces of paper - contracts and to translate you honestly earned money.

If the desire to take in hands own book absolutely is irresistible, that is and other path - is simpler. At the end of this track the enterprising children ready for considerable money to carry out any your whim sit. “You want the book? We to you will publish! In the morning money - in the evening the book! It is possible and vice versa, but money forward!“ Yes, it is expensive, but so there is a wish that the person is ready and to refuse much, and to leave the wife without new things, and … Well, found money, paid, the book was printed.

Further the small banquet in the family circle on which it is possible also friends follows - to invite acquaintances. Pleasant dizziness, champagne - cognac - vodka, flowers, enthusiastic speeches: “Well, you, Petrovich, also blew! Well done! Talantishche! We always knew …“ Naturally, success, autographs and large letters written on the happy Petrovich`s mug which reddened from cognac and pleasure: “Yes, I am such! And it … as there? And - we made it!“

But in all this pleasant commotion is a reef, “a poisonous thorn on a stalk of a scarlet rose“ which very few people from publishing books at own expense mention. Circulation! In a case with “the correct road“ the publishing house is engaged in realization of circulation. And here it remains on the author`s hands even after the lucky person distributes part of with own hand signed copies. And where it? It is good if you have a couple of familiar owners of bookstores - it is possible there to try to sell “a result of nights sleepless“. And if is not present? Most on a market to trade?

Here so the holiday also comes to an end with boredom and poisonous hints of the wife which bothered to behold the corner which is filled up with dusty small volumes in the storeroom. Hints inevitably will shortly be issued in something it seems: “Well, it is happy, a pppisssatel? Yes it is better I bought a fur coat and boots. And you, fool, cap. Though … Why to you the cap - all the same nothing to freeze!“

Is also the third way - sometimes the destiny suddenly decides to smile to you and sends the rich sponsor! On this path where the careful and kind sponsor is ready to pay all your expenses for release of the book, it appears, it is lazy the same stone reclines and the same thorn hides in dust. The sponsor will hardly agree to go round all shops and to persuade owners to take one hundred - another of books on realization. At it of the affairs it is full. And again - “publishing house - a shed - a loss“ … The only plus - the fact that “on the grandma flew“ all - the sponsor, but not you are personally. But, you see, too it is not really cheerful and even slightly before the person inconveniently …

“What to do?“ - you ask. I answer: everyone solves! If all of you resolved to publish the book for blood, then it is necessary to think. To estimate, consider options is first of all. In the second - it is necessary to consider. To count money, number of copies necessary for you etc. In the third (or all - in the first?) - to re-read words of Robinson Crusoe advising before implementation of grandiose projects to estimate and whether there will be enough forces and desire to finish business …

One I will tell precisely: realization inevitably will become... Even not a weak link of a chain, but a stone on your neck. Naturally, it only my subjective opinion...