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How to grow thin for 5 kg in 7 days?

Remain still a little bit summer, but also this fact can serve as incentive for farewell to several importunately extra kilos, to become even more harmonous, mobile and attractive. Among great variety of diets, among a set of opinions of experts and simply grown thin and not really practicians we strongly recommend the Japanese summer week diet. Why? Yes because, in - the first, it quickly; in - the second, it is effective; and, at last, in - the third, the fact as the most stubborn thing in the world, testifies - among Japanese there are practically no fat men. If you were already finally adjusted by

on a diet, then some days before its beginning it is necessary to prepare the organism. How to make it? Before a diet it is necessary to dip a heat of your appetite and if to eat, then only easy food and only small portions.

I remember the main rule - after a diet do not snatch on food at all, otherwise all your left kilograms pritopat to you back. However, and the Japanese diet has

both a front, and reverse side. Pluses: weight is lost very quickly (if to keep to a diet, then in 7 days of 5 kilograms). Plus still psychological satisfaction (the result is visible). Minuses: if on the termination of a diet you snatch with appetite on food, former weight will return. Therefore, it is necessary to use fasting days.

the Number of the use of liquid is not limited, but remember that water should be drunk cleared or mineral, but without gas. Still it is possible to drink tea without sugar green or grassy.

the meal Mode for 7 days:

1 - y day: for breakfast drink a cup of coffee, and then a glass of the cleared Vod for the best digestion and a conclusion not of the necessary minerals.

For lunch cook 2 eggs, salad from the Beijing cabbage and drink a glass of home-made tomato juice (without salt). by

For dinner make boiled fish or steam it (250 g).

2 - y day: for tomorrow drink a cup of coffee and it is necessary to eat rye crispbread.

For lunch can eat salad from cabbage and boiled fish. And everything it is good to chew the main thing.

For dinner to eat 100 g of boiled beef and to drink a glass of kefir of 1% of fat content.

3 - y day: for breakfast a cup of coffee and rye crispbread.

For lunch fry a vegetable marrow on olive oil, the sizes of a vegetable marrow are not limited.

For dinner indulge yourself 2 - mya with boiled eggs, 200 g of boiled beef and salatiky of cabbage.

4 - y day: for breakfast it is possible to drink only a cup of coffee, but without cream and

sugar For lunch it is necessary to eat small (15 g) a cheese piece, boiled egg and boiled carrot. For dinner you will regale on

on two red apples.

5 - y day: For breakfast boiled carrot with lemon juice.

For lunch - steam or boil fish and drink a glass of tomato juice.

For dinner - two red apples.

6 - y day: for breakfast drink a cup of coffee without the use of cream and sugar.

For lunch - 500 g of a boiled chicken and salatik from carrots or cabbage filling all with olive oil.

For dinner - easy salatik from cabbage also boil 2 eggs.

7 - y day: for breakfast a cup of green tea.

For lunch - boil 200 g of beef and fruit (apples, oranges).

For dinner - the menu of any day, except the third.

In 7 days of the Japanese diet you will lose 5 - 7 kg, but only if you follow all instructions. After this diet your tastes to change. Also do not forget that after this diet you have to drink 1,5 l of water in a day.