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The most expensive food in the world.

of People cannot live without food. But there are such dishes which you will buy just once and it will be simple to live there is nothing. So, went!

A beefsteak from “marble“ meat.

Marble meat is received from cows of breed of Tadzim who keep to a special diet. I do not know that in it such special, but those who tried it, say that it has other smell and texture, than at usual beef. Price - $40 - $150 for half a kilogram.

“Diamond“ caviar.

This caviar is thrown by very old beluga why it also gains unusual white color. Now it is not enough belugas, and not to find “old women“ at all - because it and is appreciated. And that people understood that they for a jewelry at them in hands, to bank for this caviar made from 24 - karat gold. Cost - 50 thousand dollars for kilogram.

What to eat on one million?

Marble meat and “ diamond “ caviar

White truffle.

This mushroom grows only in northern Italy. The price can reach 3 thousand dollars for half a kilogram. We ask nothing, just we try to hold a jaw on the place.

Chocolate truffle.

It is made manually by employees of the konnektikutsky company Knipschildt Chocolatier with a large amount of exclusive ingredients and addition of Valrhona cocoa. About $6000 for kilogram.

What to eat on one million?

White truffle and chocolate truffle

Nino`s Bellisima Pizza.

No, it is not that pizza which is served to cafe and restaurants. Enter it: lobster, crab meat, and caviar of six types. From its cost eyes become same round, as well as pizza. 1000 dollars.


This spice stands up from $500 to $5000 for half a kilo. The matter is that the saffron is made of a rylets of a flower of a violet saffron-yellow crocus. In one floret only three such rylets and therefore goes for production of hundred grams of spice the whole 50 thousand flowers. For comparison - it is enough this quantity of plants to set the whole football field.

What to eat on one million?

Nino`s Bellisima Pizza and a saffron

you Want to try all this? You study well, well work, earn and please yourself with such delicacies though every day.