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In the modern apartment or the private house value “kitchen“ became other, than for example 20 - 30 years ago therefore registration of kitchen space requires limit attention. This fact is especially important for those cases when the kitchen occupies part of the inhabited space integrated with the dining room or a drawing room. Therefore it is necessary to make every effort for preservation of stylistic unity, harmony and integrity. There is no sense to do kitchen - find fault - flew if the table zone is executed in style of a country. Contrast of styles of course is admissible, but only reasonably that can give to the dwelling identity and a certain charm.

Today mark out the following styles of registration of kitchen:


of baroque

empire style

of a country

modernist style

of the Country - rural, is from England, appeared at the beginning of the last century. This style is out of time, in a type of what does not hurry to leave old things, appreciating their beauty and functionality. A little soft, romantic, comfortable and cozy, it will adjust on measured pastime in the family circle, quiet and pleasant life. The basic principle for creation of such interiors - functionality, simplicity and lack of pretentiousness in color scale.

Huy - flew - high &ndash technologies; ultramodern style. Emergence of this style is the share of the beginning 60 - x years of last century. The most part of the engineering equipment is open, and act as a decor - fixture, constructive knots, rivets and various joints, abundance of metal and glass details. Feodosiya in style find fault with small kitchens - flew differ in sovy functionality.

Style of future complete kitchen can quite be reflected in formation of cost. Baroque, classicism and empire style - styles which differ in chic and gloss. Gilding, a rich decor, expensive materials considerably raise the final price.

Huy - flew also a modernist style - treat modern styles. The esthetics is determined by a tekhnogennost of registration and simplicity of lines. Metal, plastic and glass is preferred. Country - house, simple and in general not really expensive style.

Only after determination of key parameters of kitchen it is possible to define optimum style and to turn to a cost question. to Read