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As well as where to travel with a family on the sailing yacht around Turkey?

in the Summer of 2015, we decided to go to Turkey. We are I, the wife and the daughter of 15 years. Other options except how to go on the sailing yacht, did not suit us. So, went!

For 2 weeks took the boat in a charter Bavaria 42, 2007 - and did not regret. The reliable and convenient yacht, however, under standard sails goes not quickly, but in the cruise mode most that.

Started from Club - a marine in Gocheke. Accepted the boat, and free of charge took away us in shop behind products. Also free of charge returned from shop with our purchases. Even for three for two weeks the quantity of food and water leaves rather big. Bought in addition only as necessary fruit and vegetables further.

The first transition to Fetkhiye, 20 miles. In passing we bypassed all bays and gulfs. After 12 hours blew into up to 15 knots, lifted sails and just enjoyed, crossing the gulf before Fetkhiye there and back. By the evening rose in Yes a marine which is near a city marine of Fetkhiye. Couple of pontoons and restaurant. The price is 50 euros! As then it appeared, it was the highest price in a night for all trip.

Next day we leave towards the island Gemiler and Olyudeniza. Motorim, winds is not present. On the island Gemiler is a fortress, but did not begin to rise to it - were limited to views from the sea.

Around the island costs babble with tourists much, probably, from - for it water was rather turbid and a lot of garbage floated. Left from the island far away to bathe. Beauty! Further we go to Kalkan in a municipal marine. Total transition Fetkhiye-Kalkan - 45 miles. Reached to 18 h - a marine small, guleta dart about everywhere. The last got places at an entrance to a marine, it is necessary to rise with an anchor as usual muring on a tank are not provided here. The price is 35 euros. Toilet, shower, water and electricity at additional expense!

Night passed badly - the restaurants surrounding a marine worked to 3 o`clock in the morning, music shouted, let off fireworks. It is impossible to sleep. Besides broke at night an anchor (probably, I badly put) and the boat nearly began to fight a stern about a pier. It is good that I noticed it in time and asked to moor to the next catamaran. It was necessary to wake the American - he slept directly in a cockpit.

Only it is light, we leave in Porridges. Transition of only 18 miles therefore we go to the sea, blows 15 - 20 knots there, I set sails and we enjoy. High! We bathe near the Greek island of Meyisti, having put the yacht in drift. In Porridge there are two marines: one city, and the second slightly aside, but very modern. We stop in it. The price in a night of 43 euros, all inclusive!

This marine was pleasant to me most for our trip - the excellent place, it is a lot of place for maneuvers, in a marine there is everything that it is necessary for soul. Including Turkish to boors and the pool, however, for an additional fee.

We go on the next morning in Date. Transition 33 miles. With the wind it was not lucky - all road on the motor. We stop to swim directly in the sea - we are pleasantly cooled. All our trip there was a heat, unusual to Turkey, - around +35 degrees therefore we escaped only in the sea. On the land it was possible to cook in the afternoon if not to sit at the fan under the shade.

The marine in Date turned out rather big and thin. Comfortably moored and decided to walk on the city, the heat benefit already began to decline. A small town, everything is grouped near the embankment. Pleasantly sat at restaurant - kebab was the best for a trip.

From Date we go to Kemer. Transition 42 miles. A fair wind - I set sails on a butterfly. By 17 o`clock we arrive and we get in line from babble on an entrance to a marine. The worker of a marine accompanies each boat and helps to be moored, the others wait when he returns. Minutes 30 left. The marine not really big is also half hammered with pleasure crafts (guleta) of different types and designs. The price in a night - 45 euros.

The evening promenade in Kemer is something special. The main pedestrian street, is filled with various shops, sellers and tourists. Sellers do not hesitate to wear out tourists in the benches, at the same time speaking bad Russian of type: “Went, the friend, look at our shop. The lowest prices“. Generally, the number of people frightened us. Decided to postpone shopping next day, the benefit all this shopping street in a shadow from the sun and in shops conditioners work. The decision was true, and since morning in loneliness (all potential buyers on the beach) we quietly chose that was pleasant to us. Unburdened the heart!

Evening of the same day we leave in night transition to Porridge. Transition of 75 miles. Before a decline about Three islands stopped on an anchor - were bought much and have supper. I hoped to catch crabs, but having come to the coast, found only garbage.

In the afternoon here rather popular parking babbles also divers. It is empty in the evening - nobody prevents to enjoy the surrounding nature. However, the parking had to be left hastily - with darkness midges and mosquitoes flied and just attacked us. Urgently in the sea!

Night watches at me take place rather simply - the wife with the daughter sit to 3 nights, then I till the morning. There is no wind - go on the motor. Navigation is rather simple, problems do not arise. Besides brightly the moon and many stars shines. Beauty!

In Porridges came at 7 in the morning. In a shower and to sleep! But, as ill luck would have it, on nearby the standing boat there arrived the new team from Samara. People were excited by flight and reception of the boat. It was not succeeded to have a sleep …

the Town of Porridges is rather interesting to study ancient monuments from the historical point of view therefore, despite a heat in +35 degrees, we went. It is good that it is a little of them - differently would cook. Very much impressed an amphitheater - especially volume sound which is created in it at the expense of walls.

Had supper in the evening at restaurant which is on a hill directly opposite to an exit from a marine. Works since 1956. A situation so-so - little tables stand on the earth under olive trees. On the ground ants creep, wasps fly around. Only dedicated protection against wasps which was rendered by employees of restaurant rescued us and allowed to eat quietly. But food very tasty. At parting presented to us on a sage bouquet from mosquitoes on the yacht - really worked.

We come to the next morning in 7 h to manage to reach Marmaris to a decline - 80 miles. We receive a head wind to 25 knots and a wave to 2 meters. Thrashes strongly. The wife with the daughter lie in a cockpit, besides nothing can be done. The wave with a stable regularity pours over us water that replaces traditional bathing.

In Yachts - a marine of Marmaris I come already in the dark. Sil at my team did not remain therefore only in a shower and to sleep.

Yachts - a marine very convenient and rather inexpensive. Per day - 35 euros. Free excellent pool and library! However, water with electricity is available by a card which should be bought separately for 30 euros. Further from it money upon use is written off. We, clear, could not spend all money - presented a card to friends who stand here constantly.

Next day trip to Marmaris. Wandered on the city, on shops. Looked at ancient fortress. I drove on the water bike. Generally, day was successful and was pleasant rest, after yesterday`s shaking on waves. Marmaris was pleasant to me most of all - the excellent place for leisure and rest. Both in the afternoon, and at night.

But in place to us it is not sat, next day we leave in the bay Heart with Captain Nemo restaurant. Pleasant transition 23 miles, was succeeded to set sails and to pass under them a little. Arrived to a bay by 16 o`clock. And in a bay blows stronger, than in the sea - into under 20 knots! Here so shelter. By the evening, however, abated absolutely. By means of the owner of restaurant we are moored to its pier. There are no water and electricity. Does not take money for the parking, a condition - to have supper at its restaurant. Total the dinner cost us 60 euros. More expensively than usually (30 - 40 euros, as a rule, turned out), but economy on a payment for the parking.

Since morning transition to the following place - Yesilova, parking “Restaurant Oktopus“. To go only 16 miles therefore we make transition under sails to Rhodes and back. Wind in galfind to 15 knots - we work turns and control of sails. By 16 o`clock we come to the parking. Several pontoons with water and electricity, personnel, tanks for garbage, souls, a toilet and restaurant - all as in a normal marine! The parking free - only for a dinner. Costs yachts much - the place very popular. The dinner was cheaper, than in “Captain Nemo“, for 10 euros. Something Nemo, probably, is greedy. And in Turkey it is possible to tell about quality of food “Perfectly“, everywhere it was very tasty also without consequences for an organism.

Our travel slowly approaches end, next day we come back to Gochek. Transition of 65 miles. The fair wind of 20 knots disperses the boat to 8 miles an hour! We fly! We have one more day, and we spend it under sails, riding from one to other coast in Gochek - the estuary.

In the evening delivery of the boat takes place without questions, and the next morning we depart home. As airport of destination / departure there was a city of Antalya, I had to order a transfer in Gochek and back. 230 km on the comfortable minibus past Mercedes quickly.

So, summing up the results of our cruise: in two weeks 450 nautical miles are passed and the central part of the southern coast of Turkey is investigated. Impressions of a trip only positive - we will return to Turkey still more than once!