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Why to us it is a lot of pikslely in the camera? And what has to be a normal chamber of the future.

Watched one narrow-minded and amateurish video and decided to write about it an article since the situation very widespread. It is called loudly: “We destroy myths about equipment!“. I will also destroy the myths created already in this video and imposed to others pretty often. Impose them first of all producers which want to sell the stale obsolete goods with technologies of yesterday. Convincing people that more it is also not necessary to them. And people are conducted … No, I of course not against goods the house-keeper of a class. I, however, and on them have no money. And still, to convince that the person has more and it is not necessary, at least, silly. Other question that not all can use also it. So, comments to video:

0:56 - aha. And for one and through hands. Since as I understood some such “great“ theorists... Frets? Well, went... 1:40 I completely agree with it. As I have on a noki a chamber of 5 MB., and a matrix, I do not remember how many, but very small. In order that not noise it was necessary to turn on the light on full, and the difference is essential: when shooting in the afternoon and shootings at night. For example, my smart if to do a photo, from part, the size of small pixel is compensated by xenon flash, it gives so much light that there is enough even for small pixel and quality of a photo rather satisfactory. But if I shoot video or a landscape, alas xenon does not help. Besides, when shooting some materials which reflect it, for example: glossy books there is a reflection and is banal on a certain place it is not visible to part of the text. But nevertheless the size of small pixel can be compensated by good flash partially. So thanks for interesting supervision, really the matrix size as if increases the perceived light. The more the matrix, the more light will be gone and the photo will be more qualitative. Nevertheless, the matrix and pixelization are only two complementary, but different factors influencing quality. There is a great number of others who can also compensate, from part, but not replace completely that lack of this or that parameter. For example, if we speak about light, then endurance. At great patience even to small pixel there will be enough light since it it will longer be banal to catch. Or can even will think up some material which catches more light on unit and will rustle less. I did not try, but say what even when cooling a chamber, for example, in the freezer (if it is not covered) noise on the photo photographed at the time of cooling can become less and to it there are certain explanations. So you should not overestimate the size of a matrix and to reduce everything to it. Also you should not underestimate pixelization. But all currents, 2:14 authors further video declares that the number of pixels to “us“ is not important. Of course, ordinary dark inhabitants at this stage have enough also these poor 20 megapixels. To me as the person who is constantly developing and investigating the World has not enough of it. Moreover and inhabitants, alas, do not understand and do not use a possibility of big pixels from - for the wretchedness and short-sightedness. Well, on that they and inhabitants - servants … I laugh from people who, having a good smart, rewrite something (signs on a wall, announcements, the schedule, schedules of work etc.) Though there was time “pisalshchik“ laughed from me. In their small head the understanding of was not located how I can look then at what photographed on a small screen with diagonal 2. 4 on the computer. Many, as well as then and now, like figures from this video, (which at the moment saw 111 898 and nearly 4 thousand same “Vas“ put likes) do not know why to them phone moreover and with a good chamber. To see these 4000 +1 author of video, did not understand yet that it is possible just to dump a photo to houses on the computer and already in a quiet situation. But without crowding before the schedule to rewrite it in a Word, but not on piece of paper. Also, apparently, do not understand that a photo with big pixelization, it is possible to increase with smaller loss of quality. Here 20 megapixels just will also prove. which it can appear a little. And 30 or even 50 megapixels will be very opportunely. Because than their is more, those can increase without loss more. Having huge on modern concepts a piksililzation it is possible for example, to remove landscapes and to print them on posters. By the way posters can be printed even on the ordinary printer to houses. Printing on A4 and then sticking together. Here is how I wash the table with Mendeleyev. Also, at desire or need it will be possible, to make a portrait with group a photo or with a photo of the person who was photographed with it is far. And the most important with a large number of megapixels it is possible to sort fine details of the photo at its increase. For example, the next hours of Peskov for 1 400 000 dollars which he bought on terribly earned money, and probably declared. But we will not be about policy since for it to a vruneta ban. Therefore likely it is impossible to use good chambers with big pixelization, dictophones and to write the thoughts. Otherwise at best not who will not notice you, and in the worst just will begin to ban as me practical on all resources.

So including. and by means of restriction of technologies shepherds regulate and direct herd to a slaughter. The shepherd people, and here sheep it please cannot operate. Here therefore try to turn people into sheep. The benefit with the advent of modern devices of sheep becomes less. The truth and to stupid shepherds give new batog of mass media and SMM. But also now many still do not know why to them and roughly telling this or that device having the bulldozer are torn to dig the earth and to swot away nonsense hands and teeth. Generally judging from what, is created in this video not the author “the razvenchivatel of myths“ inhabitants so still did not understand why to them a chamber with the big permission. Here it is valid - “A monkey and a point …“ To Someone and 1,2 megapixels. it is a lot of. And if strongly to try, then herd it is possible to convince even that and the Internet is not necessary to them. I as to the person feeling got from the future lack technologies of the past and the present. Here for example, photographed the Atlas of areas and resources of herbs of the USSR. In the scanner this knizhention it is banal will not get, it is not convenient to drag with himself it. And here to otshchelkat and distinguish it option. By the way I also illustrated it. But a font there small and me even a good chamber, (if does not change memory) from 16 megapixels and a decent matrix, there was a little. Also I often use a chamber for shooting of small objects. Different insects, or even objects of a microcosm therefore besides to me the more pikslely, the better. And not only me. Already gave examples of use of a chamber with a large number of megapixels in usual life for standard shooting above. But it is possible to give a weight more for resourceful and extraordinary people. For what it is possible to use a good chamber with advantage? If to consider macroshooting, then for photography and identification of pincers which can stick into a leg during a campaign of splinters, the analysis damage of chips and many other things to what the human not aided eye is rather weak.

Moreover, would be desirable for me that the future chamber even in the smartphone had not only a big matrix and as it is possible big pixelization, but also the photoelectromultiplier (to see at the night without light). Besides, it has to have the greatest possible optical zoom. And convenient and easy nozzles, or the built-in elements, have to give the chance to use a chamber as a telescope, a microscope, the endoscope and a range finder the most important as already wrote the device for recording a thing. docks. If a range finder and a telescope it is necessary generally in zone ATO, and a microscope at in hospital, identification of parasites and an assessment of quality of products, then actually good camera has to become the main weapon for fight against too choosy officials, judges, politicians, etc. by corrupt officials of any level. And not just buying watch for millions. It in our society the most important since alas does not fight against corruption as it is not paradoxical even committee on corruption. But alas, I have no examples of shooting of corrupt officials and impudent officials yet. Including and from - for the fact that there is no good, suitable chamber. Therefore I will return to use of a chamber as microscope. Here is how to turn a vebka into a microscope having literally developed the lens “Microscope from Web - Chambers In 5 Minutes!“. The photo of blood was posted by me. Oval erythrocytes with kernels - erythrocytes of a bird. So I am not an empty talker and the gawk as the author of video, and thousands to it similar, not understanding why to them (points) a smart with a good chamber. In difference from them, I can tell on personal experience that to make all this possible and even not difficult. On the mobile phone I also have self-made nozzles. Alas now there is no time to look for and show them, but there are many amateur innovative projects how to make by means of a usual transparent bead a microscope on similarity of a microscope of Levenguk. Or how to make a spectrometer. Of course the professional spectrometer costs at the moment 3000 dollars. But very much I hope that technologies of science just from - for innovators and inventors will become available and will be literally at everyone in a pocket. Developments of pocket self-made spectrometers even on the basis of usual SD of disks are also already conducted. They can too will appear in a chamber of a samrtfon. In addition in a chamber there have to be both replaceable photofilters, and quartz optics capable to catch IK and UF. Then it will be possible to analyze light outside a visible range. But the main thing what to all this there would be the corresponding software which could process a photo and analyze result: ranges, wavelength amount of this or that color etc. For this purpose that they could be seen off even more qualitatively to analyze have to be a photo in Raw - a format. But alas it already in smarts and in phones so far still meets seldom. Still I very much lack focal distance, and for one and tracking the person. I.e. if there was a long focal length and an opportunity to a chamber most to watch the person it would be possible to remove a selfie - movies, but not a photo. Well it the corresponding stuffing + good software is besides necessary. Literally, when wrote this article found video where by means of replaceable nozzles solve a problem of large-format shooting with the smartphone.

Besides at servants can arise a silly question. And why all this is necessary? Why to us studies why to us electricity in houses and a spectrometer in the mobile phone? The cute blondes enjoying life have enough soap tray and a selfie - a stick. I think, the competent reader should not answer the matter, and to backward individuals to answer the demon to sense. Therefore I will give couple more of examples. me a poor eyesight, glasses I do not wear

U and I was rescued sometimes even by that small digital zoom in a chamber by means of which I directed and read something that was or is very high, or is far written. And to any person, it seems to me, pass the field-glass moreover and with a good chamber near at hand would not prevent. About a microscope a separate subject. By means of a microscope I investigate the maintenance of microorganisms in drinking water, I can (if I buy Goryaev`s chamber) to count the maintenance of erythrocytes, even in the blood without seeing doctors and in general it is sometimes interesting to porassmatrivat something under a microscope + having the microscope which is built in a chamber with a photo and video it is possible will share with friends. And if the chamber manages to be used as Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or a spectrometer, then you can is direct on a market or in shop to investigate structure of some products. I think, that now it is full of fakes and substitutes it very actually. And if develop the corresponding software, then a smart for a chamber itself will be able to analyze some photos and to issue information. For this purpose and it will not be necessary to consider not what. Already now it is quite easily possible to upgrade literally to houses the smartphone that they could photograph and automatic to count for example quantity of erythrocytes in blood, or quantity of bacteria in products. I.e. already now it is possible to make of the smartphone laboratory in a pocket, a telescope and the analyzer of a photo.

So finally I want to quote great: If I asked people that it is necessary for them, they would answer that they want faster horses.

Henry Ford

... As practice shows, people do not know that it is necessary for them … Steve Jobs

I I will add

from myself. In order that people had human wants them it is necessary to make people.

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